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Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Spell on You.

For a second, Wang Yi-An sat still. Like she was too shocked, and her body couldn’t move. She knew she shouldn’t make her awkwardness obvious. However, it was hard not to. The man sitting across from her was the first man that told her he loves her.

How could she sit still? How could she look at him in his eyes without feeling awkward?

Wang Yi-An… Yang Tian-Xu looked at her as he kept calling her name in his mind. Inside his heart, he knew. He knew that she felt awkward, and so he wouldn’t want to push his feelings on to her.

Talking about work was the only subject she was willing to speak with him about. So he went ahead and said, “The good news is we are in charge of Liu Enterprise’s event. But the bad news is that the deadline for it is in two weeks. There’s a lot of work to do, with the little time given, we’ll have to do a lot of overtime and late nights to finish it. Would that be alright with you?”

“Yes!” Wang Yi-An was excited to be able to do more than just one project at a time. Now she can get her hands on another project, she wouldn’t have to sit around and do nothing anymore! She nodded her head and said, “I’ll start right away!”

The smile on her face as she rushed out, without allowing Yang Tian-Xu to say anything. He called out to her in time before she left the office, “Wait!”

Wang Yi-An stood there at the door, and she turned around to look at him. He said, “Here’s the file.”

“Right…” She started to feel embarrassed when she realised she needed the folder in Yang Tian-Xu’s hand. She required that folder to know what she needed to work on.

But she was hesitant to take it from his hand. So it took her four seconds longer than it would for her usually. She was shy, she lowered her hand and said, “Thank you.” As she reaches out her hands for the folder.

Before she would just grab any documents from his hands without caring if she would accidentally touch his hands or not. Now she was careful, making sure she won’t touch his hand by accident.

Wang Yi-An gave a slight bow after she took the folder in his hand. He felt as if she wanted to avoid him. There was plenty of room to grab hold of that folder, yet she took the folder from the nearest edge of the corners.

How obvious!

Suddenly, Yang Tian-Xu felt like he shouldn’t have confessed so soon. He did it because she was just too cute! He thought that perhaps if he told her his feelings; she’ll understand that he’s only kind to her and not everyone else. Just her!

There’s got to be a way, a way for his feelings to reach her. He rushed out of the office and saw her sat down on her seat. He came over and told her, “I meant every word I said!”

It’s that same look on his face when he first confessed to her. The look on her face was just as confused and shock as she was the first time he said it. He took this opportunity to lean in closer to her ears and said it. “I really love you.”

Wang Yi-An’s face flushed red. Beet red, her heart race as she pushed him out. “I’m sorry!” She shouted as she rushed towards the ladies’ restroom.

Assistant Tseng saw everything. He came over to the frozen-shocked President Yang Tian-Xu and patted his back. Two pat on the back, it wasn’t enough to calm down his frustration.

“How did you managed to get your wife to marry you?” Yang Tian-Xu asked Assistant Tseng suddenly.

“I harassed her every day until she was sick and tired of saying no.” Assistant Tseng said as he laughed.

“Then, I’ll do the same!” Yang Tian-Xu was determined.

But, when he said he’ll do the same. It was more of a shock for Assistant Tseng as he thought, “You’ll do the same? Boss, you’re Yang Corps’ president, the sole heir to Yang’s family! Why would you need to do the same?”

The more Assistant Tseng thought about it, the more he became confused. Assistant Tseng was an assistant, who had fallen in love with Vice President Ma’s daughter, Ma Xiao-Yin. He was nothing compared to President Yang. He had to try hard to win over his wife’s love.

Ma Xiao-Yin was Yang Corps’ beauty queen. Everyone thought that perhaps she would marry Yang Tian-Xu. After all, the Ma and Yang families were very close. So it was normal for everyone to the thought that Yang Tian-Xu would marry Ma Xiao-Yin, but it was a shock to everyone that she wanted to marry Assistant Tseng!

The relationship between Yang Tian-Xu and Ma Xiao-Yin were like brother and sister. So when Assistant Tseng said, “I’m sorry President Yang! But I really love her!”

Yang Tian-Xu laughed and told him. “Why are you apologising to me?”

It took Assistant Tseng a long time to realise it. The only thing Yang Tian-Xu ever loved was his work. Even with the beauty queen working beside him–he never wavered. Never cared, the only reason why he won his wife’s heart was only because Yang Tian-Xu didn’t care.

Assistant Tseng honestly felt blessed that Yang Tian-Xu was a workaholic. Or else, the person that his wife would have chosen wouldn’t be him, it would have been Yang Tian-Xu.

And then suddenly he thought, “What is so great about Wang Yi-An that his wife couldn’t even compare to her?”

“What is so great about Wang Yi-An that makes President Yang became someone so blind? She’s not pretty, she’s just plain, she’s not wealthy, she’s just a nobody. Why her? Did she put a spell on you?”