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Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Since The First Day I Met You.

There will always be a moment when life seems to have stopped. The world had halted its rotation, only because we believed it had. And if the universe would spin the other way around, the feelings of anxiety, confusion, and perplexity would mean something more to Wang Yi-An.

However, there couldn’t be a single word in the dictionary that could describe the feelings that Wang Yi-An has. The first time in her life, a man had confessed to her.

He isn’t just any man. He is Yang Tian-Xu, the president of a big company. Yang Corps, and the heir to the Yang Family’s fortune. A young master, who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Who is Wang Yi-An to compare to such a figure? For that, she is merely a nobody. A mere intern who is working for his company.

There was just the two of them in the Presidential Suite. Wang Yi-An was sitting on the sofa, as Yang Tian-Xu kneel down while he cleans her wounds.

At first, Wang Yi-An had started to feel like he had cared for her a little too much. Even though she was only an intern; Yang Tian-Xu had shown her too much care, she also had begun to think that President Yang might like her.

Why would he thou? Her most concern was that he had treated her too well. There might be rumours that could start to spread after this. And the entire company might mistake her as someone who tries to get close to the President?

Wang Yi-An wanted to make it clear to Yang Tian-Xu. Then she finally told him. “You should only treat the girl you like with such care and kindness. It’s better if you don’t joke around like this.”

There were so many beautiful ladies like Tong Yue-Yan or Lee Yin-Yin who was more suitable for Yang Tian-Xu. Why would he like her? Wang Yi-An felt like he was joking, he must be playing her.

A confession like, “I don’t like you. I love you.” was entirely unexpected, how could Wang Yi-An response to him? Wang Yi-An could only laugh as she faces away from him. “President Yang, please stop teasing me, that’s not very funny! I think you and Fung Da-Ge have gotten along too well!”

Fung Qi-Wei is Wang Yi-An’s childhood friend, and she treats him like a brother. Fung Qi-Wei would always tease her, and make fun of her. Lately, President Yang had hung-out with Fung Qi-Wei a lot. Perhaps he had picked up a bad habit from Fung Qi-Wei; who likes to tease her a lot? Wang Yi-An couldn’t help but wonder.

Nevertheless, Yang Tian-Xu made his feelings clear again, as he pronounced. “I’m not trying to be funny. I am not joking.” He sat on the sofa next to her, and he looked into her eyes. “I am very serious. I love you.”

The endless exchange in their eyes, they had made Wang Yi-An blushed. “St-… Stop joking…” She still refused to believe his words, and she slowly turns her face to another direction.

At times, she would sneak back to look at him. Only to see that he had always been staring at her. Never did he ever look away from her expression. Yang Tian-Xu looked serious as he looked at her face.

“I am not joking. One of these days, I will prove it to you. I am determined to have you as my wife one day. It is not a joke. It is my real feelings I have for you since the first day I met you.”

How could she think that Yang Tian-Xu was serious? Wang Yi-An was quiet as she thought about the first day she had met him. She had only met President Yang for two weeks!? Since the first day of her internship.

Wang Yi-An had thought that he was weird the first time he told her, “I like you!” even though he quickly turn it around into something completely different than his true feelings. Yang Tian-Xu keeps his love for her hidden. Now, he just couldn’t any longer.

With the chance of, “If there is a chance for you to like me too, I can’t just let it go!” Those are the thoughts that had pushed him to confess to her.

Little did she know that he had already been in love with her since the first day he met her a month ago. That time, she was outside on the street, while he was inside sitting in a coffee-shop.

Just as when Yang Tian-Xu wanted to continue his conversation with her. His assistant’s phone rang. Assistant Tseng had given his cell phone to Yang Tian-Xu when grandfather Yang had called. Grandfather Yang wanted to inquire about his grandson’s relationship with the singer; Lee Yin-Yin.

Yang Tian-Xu had wanted to make it clear with his grandfather. He wanted to say that there is nothing between them. Nevertheless, the accident had caught his attention, and interrupted him.

Upstairs at the top floor of Yang Corps was the presidential suite. Yang Tian-Xu ignored the calls, and he turns off the phone. Then he faced Wang Yi-An and told her once more. “I really do love you.”

Those are the words he could repeat over and over again if she asked him to. However, Wang Yi-An still refused to believe any of his words and shouted at him. “President Yang! You shouldn’t joke around like that! It isn’t funny!”

“I’m not joking!” Yang Tian-Xu shouted back at her. He wanted her attention. He has always been serious about his feelings towards her. He disappointed that she couldn’t have trusted his words, then in a soft voice he asked her. “What can I do to make you believe me?”

Wang Yi-An turned her face to look at him in the eyes. It was captivating, and for that moment she could feel he was honest and sincere. However, she won’t forget the words her mother had told her. “You can see a person’s face, but not their hearts.”