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Chapter 68

Chapter 68: The future Mrs Yang.

“Yes Madam, I will do my best for the next time. However, I would still like to get pay for the work I’ve done so far already. If you don’t pay me, I will have you held responsible for the consequences.” The man began to threaten Aunt Tong. The man had a smirk on his face as he tries to blackmail her. However, how could she let a mere employee like him extort her? She laughed at the man.

“Do you think you can threaten me? You do know who I am, yet, you still try to do this? I advise you do as I tell you to, or else I won’t be able to guarantee how happy your family will remain after this.” Aunt Tong threatens the man back. However, this time she sent a message to his cell phone. The man opened up the contents and saw his wife and child under a surveillance camera. It was a live-feed from within their home.

Every moves him, and his family makes under her watch, and he could understand the pressure she is pushing on him. If it were such an easy task for Aunt Tong to get someone inside his home to install those cameras without alerting anyone, it would be a piece of cake for her to do anything else she wanted with him and his family.

The live-feed wasn’t the only reason why the man feared Aunt Tong. It is her background that he knew not to mess with her. He tried to attempt it, hoping that she would be a push-over and someone who wouldn’t bring his family into their business deals.

Nevertheless, Aunt Tong is not a push-over, and she was willing to put innocent bystanders’ life endanger to get whatever it is that she wanted.

A fearsome woman she is indeed. The man’s body began to shake with fear. He knew he should be stupid and try anything else. “I am sorry Madam! I will do anything you ask me without payment from now on. Please don’t harm my family!”

Aunt Tong smiled, her evil grin was enough to send chills down people’s spine if they saw it. Then she told him. “You will be compensated once she is either dead or miserable. Don’t forget, I have everything I need to bring you, and your family to hell if I want.”

“Yes… Yes, Madam…” The man can only show his fear. He was unable to do anything more. The next time when he attempts an accident, he would need to make sure that this time. The one who will die is none other than Lee Yin-Yin. Or else, it would be him and his family.

The man wanted to report his finding of President Yang’s and the intern, Wang Yi-An. But, after the man figured out that Aunt Tong is such a wicked and shrewd person; it would be a wise choice for him to keep his mouth shut about it for now.

Assistant Tseng heard most of the conversation between the two, and still, he remains hidden for a while. Assistant Tseng is a smart man. It would be better for him to keep an eye out for this man then expose him now. After, what good would it for him and Yang Corps if he was to freighted the prey?

Assistant Tseng had proof to show to President Yang. After he made sure that the man has gone away, he went back to report to President Yang. Yang Tian-Xu at the time was busy, enjoying his meal with Wang Yi-An. Of course, Wang Yi-An was still shy about his attitude towards her as she began to feel uncomfortable.

Inside the break-room, there was only Yang Tian-Xu and Wang Yi-An. They sat together at a table having a meal together. With Yang Tian-Xu there all the other employees felt awkward to be around, so they went on their lunch break elsewhere. Assistant Tseng hurried to see President Yang. He blushed once he saw the two of them. It was evident that Yang Tian-Xu stuck on to Wang Yi-An like glue.

Yang Tian-Xu has a grin on his face the entire time, and he was so happy that he had finally told Wang Yi-An his feelings. However, Wang Yi-An still refuse to believe his words, and only thought that he was still just playing around. She tried to ignore him. However, Wang Yi-An was a kind-hearted person. So even with the annoyance she still decided to share food with him.

Wang Yi-An had used her lids again to share half of her food with President Yang. At first, she wasn’t aware of his feelings, however, now. She couldn’t help but feel nervous. “Um. President Yang, could you…”

Wang Yi-An’s face was burning, and she couldn’t bring the words out. Until Yang Tian-Xu asked her, “What is it, my love?”

Wang Yi-An cannot stand the embarrassment any longer, and she got up from her seat. “I’m full! You can have the rest!” Then she ran outside and passed by Assistant Tseng. Assistant Tseng could see the embarrassed expression on Wang Yi-An’s face, and he couldn’t help but smiled. Yang Tian-Xu also couldn’t help but smile, and Assistant Tseng walked in and asked him. “Boss, did you already confessed to An-An?”

“Don’t call her An-An! Only I get to call her An-An, she will be Miss Wang for you, and in the future, it will be Mrs Yang.” He said as he gave Assistant Tseng a humorous-less expression.

“Boss… You are way too…” Assistant Tseng can see how unduly President Yang’s protectiveness for Wang Yi-An is and he began to feel queasy. However, that would be the death of him if he commented. Assistant Tseng remains quiet for a few seconds, and then he decided to report to President Yang about his findings.

“Boss, I have information about the incident that happened.” Then he leaned in and whispered all he knows into Yang Tian-Xu’s ears.