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Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Rude, Disrespectful, and Unpologetic!

There isn’t a person in the country who doesn’t know about Liu Shun-Feng’s popularity. It was obvious Wang Yi-An knows who he is, however, does she care about his fame or background? No, she doesn’t care.

However, she will use it against him!

Wang Yi-An quickly took out her old cell phone and snapped a picture of the man. Then she turned to take photos of his car and the old lady.

Just as she took a picture of them both. The injuries on the old lady was still fresh, and so she took a close-up photo of the old lady’s scabbed knees.

Liu Shun-Feng stood still for a moment. He was used to having people take pictures of him all the time. However, just as when Wang Yi-An took photos of the entire scenes. He became irritated and asked her, “What are you doing?”

Wang Yi-An smiled and said, “I wonder what would happen if I make a post on your social media, saying, ‘The rude, disrespectful, and unapologetic Liu Shun-Feng almost ran over an elder!’ I bet the media will be all over you for sure.”

“You!…” Liu Shun-Feng was furious, so much that his words were caught in this throat for a second. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“You can bet your ass I would! There’s one thing I can’t tolerate, and that is an indecent human being like you!”

“You! Don’t… Don’t you know who I am?! How dare you speak like that?!”

“Yeah, I know exactly who you are, so what? Does it give you the right to be rude and disrespectful to your elders like that?! You almost ran her over, and you didn’t even step out to check on her!”

Kwon Li-Mei and Liang Shing was shocked, they never expect to see Wang Yi-An so, fierce? They both took a glance over at each other, puzzled and shocked to where they couldn’t say a word.

“I… I didn’t…” Liu Shun-Feng was caught off guard. Liu Shun-Feng was shocked by how he was treated by a plain-looking girl. This plain girl had rendered him speechless. No one in his life ever stood up to him the way this plain girl had, he stumbled and looked around nervously as saw the other two staring at him.

“What are you looking at!?” he finally got himself back together as he turned around and shout at Wang Yi-An, “Give me that phone!”

Liu Shun-Feng is almost as tall as Yang Tian-Xu, how could a short girl like Wang Yi-An fight against someone taller than her? He tried to take the phone away from her hands, and they struggled for a few seconds as he tried to slap the phone out from her hands.

“No! It’s my phone!” Wang Yi-An and Liu Shun-Feng were still busy struggling against each other.

“My pictures are in it!” He said as he tried to grab it from her hand, but he missed.

“Don’t you know the freedom of the public act?” she talked back to him as she dodged, “It’s my freedom of speech!”

“Look, just delete the photos, and I’ll pay the lady, okay?” he said as he continues to struggle with her.

“You think your money can solve everything?” Wang Yi-An refused to give up.

“I’ll even pay you for those photos!” Liu Shun-Feng tried to bribe her.

However, she refused and said, “I don’t need your money!”

While Wang Yi-An and Liu Shun-Feng argue, Kwon Li-Mei and Liang Shing were just shocked to the point that they become frozen. The two interns could only stand there and watch as Liu Shun-Feng tried to scramble with Wang Yi-An. They couldn’t believe their eyes!

Liu Shun-Feng reaches Wang Yi-An’s hand and with his body built, he wrapped around her tiny body quickly, as Wang Yi-An tried to struggle away from him while she protected her phone. Liu Shun-Feng lost his balance during the conflict.

He fell on top of Wang Yi-An as he tried to take her phone. Liu Shun-Feng trip on top of her as he lost his balance. Wang Yi-An’s body is small and light-weight, how could she be able to support Liu Shun-Feng’s heavy body weight?

The two fell down in seconds and along with the phone. The phone was relatively old, so the moment the phone hit the ground, it broke into pieces.

Just as they fell down, Liu Shun-Feng twisted his body so that Wang Yi-An would be on top of him. As they fall down, at that moment, he looked into Wang Yi-An’s eyes. The moment he saw her eyes stared right back at him. His heart skipped a beat.