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Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Hope

Art, like they had captured the artist’s soul. All of Wang Yi-An’s artwork was so magnificent that it didn’t take long for Madam Liu to understand why Yang Tian-Xu wanted this intern to be the Art Director for her event.

Although, Wang Yi-An’s had amazing talent. However, it wasn’t the reason why Yang Tian-Xu wanted to recommended her. His only reason why was because she was the love of his life. He wanted her to have an opportunity to showcase her talents. Yang Tian-Xu—he used to be someone who was very focused on business matters. His care for the family business was his life.

If it weren’t because he believed this would be an excellent opportunity for Wang Yi-An, he would never have agreed to take on Madam Liu’s request. For a big project with the deadline so close by, it would cost Yang Corps more money to host the event, than to make a profit out of it. Yet, he agreed.

Liu Enterprise might be a new company, currently on the rise, but it still a small company compared to Yang Corps. Liu Shun Feng was the reason why Liu Enterprise was gaining so much popularity, and because of Madam Liu’s wedding dress design line.

This project wasn’t only Madam Liu’s hope, it was also Yang Tian-Xu’s hope. Wang Yi-An will get what-ever-she wants if he could provide for her.

Everything Wang Yi-An drew was so realistic down to every single detail. It’s hard to find a talent like that, so Madam Liu can easily trust Yang Tian-Xu’s opinion. They shook hands and decided to officially sign the contract together tomorrow afternoon.

Madam Liu gave Yang Tian-Xu a warm hug and said, “I’d told your mother I’ll come to visit her later today. Hopefully, you don’t overwork yourself, and I can see you later.”

Yang Tian-Xu smiled, “Yes, I’ll try not to. Hopefully, I can see Shun-Feng again. I haven’t seen him in a while.”

“Oh, don’t worry. He’s coming regardless of what he wants.” She smiled and left. When she walked out of the general manager’s office, she saw Wang Yi-An sitting at the reception desk.

Once Wang Yi-An saw her walked out the door, she stood up. Madam Liu smiled at her before she told Wang Yi-An. “I’ll look forward to working with you.”

Wang Yi-An had no clue what happened, but she could somehow guess that perhaps this lady was a potential customer, so she politely bowed her head and kept her smile.

But as soon as Madam Liu left, she frowned the corners of her lips. Her eyes started to tear up as she looked at the broken bits of her old cell phone, resting on top of her desk. After she sat back down on her desk, she held those bits in her hands.

In her hand wasn’t just broken bits of her old cell phone, the phone meant more to her than anything else in the world. It carried a sense of hope, however; like her hope had shattered to pieces. Like a part of her heart that was broken along with it and she couldn’t wrap her mind around those thoughts. She stared at the broken phone in her hand for a while.

Yang Tian-Xu looked outside the window and only saw her back. If he knew she was hurting so much inside, he’d rush out there to hold her tightly in his arms. Wang Yi-An didn’t want to cry, not at work! So she kept her tears inside her. She bites down on her lips gently to remind herself, “I’m strong, and for sure he will come back!”

She looked at the time that displayed on her monitor: 2:13 p.m. Soon it will be home time, she thought that perhaps she could go to a cell phone repair-store after work and get them to repair it. Because the shooting was cancelled, Wang Yi-An didn’t have much work to do. Her legs were still bandaged. However, her heart hurts more than her legs.

Yang Tian-Xu couldn’t bear to just see her back, after debating with himself for over an hour, he finally decided. “I want to see her!”

As determined as ever to see her face, he can’t bare only looking at her back! He wanted more than just her back. So he popped his head out the door and said, “An-An, can you please come in for a bit.”

‘Please’… The magic word he rarely ever spoken to employees. If anyone heard him said, ‘Please’ like that to an intern. They’ll faint from it.

Wang Yi-An nodded, after she put her broken phone away she went into his office. He pulled out a chair for her to sit down, and he said. “I got good news and bad news for you. Which do you want to hear first?”

“Um… It doesn’t matter.” Wang Yi-An didn’t sit down. Even after he pulled out a chair for her. She stood there, as she began to felt awkward.

Yang Tian-Xu wanted to cry. He felt like he was rejected. “Please sit down.” He begged her to sit. Then she nodded again and sat down. A moment of relief as he saw her sat down. He let out a small smile. He returned to his seat and sat down across from her.

The more he looks at her, the more he wanted to kiss her, and when she stared blankly at his face. When their eyes met, she became conscious and turned away from his sight. He began to feel nauseated when he saw her turning her head away from his eyes.

Hope… Everyone has hope… Madam Liu’s hope was for her company’s event would go smoothly, with zero complication.

Wang Yi-An’s hope that her loved one would return home safely. But for Yang Tian-Xu? He never needed to have ‘Hope’ because he never wanted anything enough to have hope for it.

Yet, today. His first hope appeared in his heart like it was his only hope. “I hope you could look at me.”