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Chapter 69

Chapter 69: A Rumour

Wang Yi-An escaped the break-room. She bowed to Assistant Tseng as she passed by him at the door. She avoided the embarrassment that President Yang caused her to feel. Her face was flushed as she walked out and closed the door.

She looked at the time on her cell phone, but it was only 12:34 PM. She still has a little under an hour left before she needs to get back to work. However, as she walked and thought, perhaps it would be better to take a walk in the mall to cool off her frustration. She walked down the hallway, and she heard a voice calling out to her.

“An-An!” Wang Yi-An turned her head back to see who it was, and the person who called out to her was Kwon Li-Mei. The two interns: Kwon Li-Mei and Lian Shing. They were both at the studio today for their own work project on floor five.

“Hello,” Wang Yi-An greeted the two as they walked over to her.

“How is everything going? You want to join us for some coffee.” Lian Shing asked her politely. Since it was a while since she last saw them. She thought it would be a good idea to catch up on what they have learned.

“Sure.” Wang Yi-An smiled back and then the three of them left together to a coffee shop nearby. The coffee shop located just outside of Yang Corps Mall. Many people complimented about how great the coffee tasted, and so many of Yang Corps’ employees would often visited.

The three of them walked inside and sat at a table near the window. From their seat they could see the street they crossed just moments ago. They got comfortable, and Lian Shing offered to go order the two girls their beverages. Kwon Li-Mei likes her coffee with lots of milk and less sugar. Wang Yi-An doesn’t like coffee and ask for a green tea latte.

They all have good relationships and got along well because they often talk about their experiences at Yang Corps., they did started work the same day. They like to hang-out occasionally, Wang Yi-An enjoyed spending time with them as they often talk about the workload they have with their mentor; Mr Han and Mrs Wong.

Lian Shing’s mentor was the easy going Mr Han. Mr Han had been a mentor for many years, and so he is great at teaching, he also believed in ‘having fun at work’ so he never gives pressure. Lian Shing learn a lot from Mr Han. However, poor Kwon Li-Mei has Mrs Wong as her mentor, and known to be strict in the industry. Mrs Wong likes to work in a fast pace. The faster, the better, so at often Kwon Li-Mei had to stay up late with lots of overtime.

Although they both have a lot of projects to do at once, Lian Shing is having a time of his life, while Kwon Li-Mei looks like she been through hell. One glance at them and the different is as clear as day and night. However, Wang Yi-An was different, Yang Tian-Xu stole her from Mr Han and so he doesn’t know how to mentor future art directors. He himself isn’t even in the art industry!

However, he still wanted Wang Yi-An to be with him and gave her the job of an art director, however, he only gave her one job at a time. This is because he knew she was only just learning and haven’t even graduate school yet.

So at often, Yang Tian-Xu would show her work to Mr Han and have him double check. However, Wang Yi-An’s work never disappointed him and he developed more trust in Wang Yi-An’s work. After the second week, Yang Tian-Xu stopped asking Mr Han for his approval.

Sometimes, Wang Yi-An would feel jealous about the two when she heard them talk about their workload. They would work on a minimum of 3 project per week. As for Wang Yi-An, so far she only had one project, and it was the project for Jin Qi-Long.

Wang Yi-An enjoyed listening to them complain, even when became jealous of them, she felt like perhaps she should make a request to transfer to Mr Han or Mrs Wong’s department instead.

Yang Tian-Xu’s confession made her felt weird having Yang Tian-Xu as her mentor. So far, he taught her nothing about art, but business management.

Why would Wang Yi-An need a skill in business management? She wanted to be a designer and create beautiful art works. It isn’t like she wanted to be a manager or anything. She wanted to be a junior art designer or an art assistant director.

Lian Shing came back with their beverages and gave the girls their drinks and smiled at them. “Here are your hot drinks!”

Wang Yi-An and Kwon Li-Mei thanked him. Just as Wang Yi-An grabbed her paper cup filled with green-tea latte. Kwon Li-Mei asked her, “So is it true?”

Confused, Wang Yi-An asked, “About?”

Kwon Li-Mei was curious and asked, “You know, about our boss, President Yang.”

Wang Yi-An wasn’t sure what Kwon Li-Mei was trying to ask. “What about President Yang?”

“Is it true he is dating the famous singer, Lee Yin-Yin? I heard he is, and you got injured trying to save her because President Yang told you.”

Wang Yi-An wasn’t sure how to response. She saved Lee Yin-Yin because it was the right thing to do, however, she was just too lazy to explain herself. Wang Yi-An shrugged and said, “Dunno…”

Then, suddenly, Lian Shing asked, “Did the boss give you lots of money? I heard he reward you a lot of money for saving Miss Lee.”


“Eh?” The two of them looked at each other. And then Kwon Li-Mei said, “Then you got yourself injured for nothing?”

Wang Yi-An didn’t want to say anything, then she smiled at them and put her index finger at her lips. “That’s a secret.”

Wang Yi-An can’t tell them that President Yang confessed to her. They would laugh and think she’s crazy.

There was also another rumour going around that Lian Shing wanted to ask her, “Is it true that the President is dating Lee Yin-Yin?”

At first, Wang Yi-An thought the rumour was true and Yang Tian-Xu was trying to joke with her. Maybe he was just using her as a life-jacket for Lee Yin-Yin. Yet, the eyes when he looked into hers made her feel like, ‘Perhaps he really does likes me?’