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Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Yes or No?

Thus, Wang Yi-An had chosen her mother’s words. “I just can’t believe you.” Then she turn to look away from his handsome face. If she were to continue to look at him. Wang Yi-An would feel like her heart and mind might play tricks on her.

Wang Yi-An told him. “You are President Yang. You have everything…” Wang Yi-An remembered her words with Mother Wang clearly like it was the day. “If you want something fun to play with, you should consider someone else. I’m not someone you can toy with.”

“I’m not toying with you!” Yang Tian-Xu shouted loudly as his voice caught her attention, she looked up at him. Wang Yi-An knew that Yang Tian-Xu is a decent man. However, there is nothing she fear more than becoming a toy to a young master.

It is a risk, Wang Yi-An was unwilling to take. She was serious when she told him. “There is no way you can love me, President Yang. Right now you might think that, but as time pass by. You will regret it.”

“I won’t regret it.” His replied to her was sincere. Yang Tian-Xu knew he would never regret it. Yang Tian-Xu wanted to get her to understand. However, Wang Yi-An was still skeptical about his confession.

Wang Yi-An doesn’t know how to express herself. Her face was red as she thought for a second. Yet, she stopped before she could begin. She stood up suddenly and shouted, “We can never be together!” Then she rushed out, however, Yang Tian-Xu quickly stood up and grabbed onto her right arm, he pulled her into his embrace.

His heart was hurt, but he think he could understand the meanings behind her words. How could he know that the meaning meant something different? Yang Tian-Xu leans in closer to her as he whispered. “We can, if you think I’m worthy enough for your love, we can definitely be together.” He let out a soft and gentle smile.

Wang Yi-An thought for a second that he might kiss her. However, she felt relief that he wasn’t and he only smiled at her. Yang Tian-Xu’s words left her speechless. He sat her back down on to the sofa and told her. “You can think about it for as long as it takes. But for now, let me finished caring for you.”

When Yang Tian-Xu continued to wrap-up her legs, he couldn’t help but look at the new cuts. The shards had scratched her legs. Even though she doesn’t have perfect legs, but still; to a girl, to have more scars on her legs is never a good thing; Yang Tian-Xu’s heart tightens. Nevertheless, he took gentle care of her. The wounds were clean up neatly.

After he had wrapped her legs up in bandages, Wang Yi-An told him. “I can’t think about it. Even if you have to wait for a long time, I won’t even try to think about it. President Yang, I am not suitable for you. Sorry…”

Yang Tian-Xu was strong. He pulled her into his arms, and he told her. “Is that you rejecting me or accepting me? Because I can’t tell!” Wang Yi-An answer was unclear. She didn’t reject him or did she accept him. Why? Why can’t you just say, yes or no?

Yang Tian-Xu wanted to have patience, and he tried to give her as much time as possible to think about his confession. Nevertheless, he cannot understand why she won’t even think about it! Won’t also try to think about it? Yang Tian-Xu could never agree with her answer. Not suitable for him? Yang Tian-Xu doesn’t care! There could never be another woman in this world that makes him feel the way he does.

Love. He is sure that this is love. Every day he longs for her. Think of her, and wanted her. Yang Tian-Xu knows that he can have any girl he wants. Yet, the only one he wanted is her.

The moment when he held her in his arms, it was like time had stopped for her again. “What is going on?” Wang Yi-An couldn’t express her feelings and remained shocked. Yang Tian-Xu stared into her eyes and wait for her answer.

The longer Yang Tian-Xu stares at her, the more he wanted to kiss her. He leans in, closer and closer to her lips. However, just as he was about to kiss her. The telephone rang. Inside his office on the top floor. The phone rings was loud and clear.

Yang Tian-Xu was so close to kissing her, and Wang Yi-An didn’t know how what to do. She felt relieved as he had stopped. Was her hearting beating rapidly? Yes, it was. It had made her confused. Perhaps because President Yang had shown her such kindness, she too started to feel like she would like him.

Still, the feelings she has for Yang Tian-Xu was indescribable. Everything that happened must be a dream? Those are the thoughts of how she is feeling. Yang Tian-Xu was annoyed and waited for the ringing to stop, he wanted to continue, yet once more. The office phone rang again. Yang Tian-Xu was utterly annoyed. He got up and went over to the phone and picked it up.

“WHAT?!” the tone of Yang Tian-Xu’s voice was not just annoyed by angry.

“IM SORRY!” Assistant Tseng yelled back. He felt like he might had interrupted something important?