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Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Don’t Let Me See You Again!

Thump, thump…

The sound of his heart beating out loud, even he could hear it himself. Liu Shun-Feng, the man with fame, power, riches and wealth. How could his heart beat so wildly for such a plain girl like this?

Wang Yi-An got up as soon as she could, she crushed Liu Shun-Feng’s chest as she tried to get up. Using her hands to support herself she pushes herself up,

She panicked as she rushed over and bent down her knees to look at her cell phone. From the sight of her precious phone, it saddened her. After all, the phone was a gift from someone special to her.

“My phone…” she let out a soft depressing tone, as she held on to those broken pieces. Her hand shakes from the anger and sadness.

“Oh relax! It’s a cheap old cell phone, anyway. I’ll compensate you for it!” He said as he looked over her shoulders to see the phone.

Wang Yi-An became silent as stood straight up, her silent lasted for a few seconds. And then without a word, she turned around and slapped Liu Shun-Feng’s face! As she screamed at him, “You think you can replace anything with money?”

“It was my brother’s first gift before he disappeared! How can you ever replace those memories with your money!?”

It was the first time he ever got slapped on his face. The slap was loud and hard, even bystanders heard the loud sound. Crisp and sharp, people wondered if they were filming a movie. It was a popular area to film movies and TV shows.

Wanting to be brave, Wang Yi-An held in her tears as she yelled at him again, “You are a despicable human being!” Even when she wanted to cry, she won’t. How can she cry in front of such a person? Never!

She kicked him in his stomach when he least expect it and shouted “You better apologize now!” Wang Yi-An might be small but when she kicked him in his stomach, he dropped to his knees.

It was so sudden, his only response were reaching out his index finger to a point at her and hold on to where she kicked him. Who is he? He is Liu Shun-Feng! Yet, he let a plain girl kicked him in his stomach and calling him all sort of names. Despicable human being?

The light was green for him, how could he expect an old lady to cross the street when the light was green for him? Is he still despicable now? At that moment, Liu Shun-Feng thought, “Why

In his mind, he did nothing wrong. His car have a high-power engine, it wasn’t his fault that the speed of his car seem faster than it looked. It was going at 45 km per hour and not 70 km per hours.

Although, it may seem like he was speeding, he was only 10 km over the speed limit. Who haven’t driven pass the speed limit before? Especially when the mall was not busy in the afternoon.

Liu Shun-Feng never felt so wronged before, never in his life. How could he let such a girl get away with this?

“Hey!” he shouted, trying to get Wang Yi-An’s attention. “I have you know this old lady was trying to jay-walk!”

Wang Yi-An ignored him. “Granny, do you need to go to the hospital?”

“Oh no, dear, thank you.” The old lady sight was not so well, she thought the pedestrian light was still on for her to walk across the street. How could she knows the light would end too soon? She didn’t even get the chance to cross through and the light already changed.

“Hey! Are you listening!?” Liu Shun-Feng yelled again. “Trying to ignore me? Fine!” he said, he wanted to stay and argue with her, however, his time is valuable and he looks at the time on his expensive watch.

“Ah damn it! Look, I don’t have the time now, but I will settle this with you next time I see you!” he hurried back into his vehicle, and before he got inside he yelled, “You better not let me see you again! I won’t let this go next time!”

“Yeah! I’ll see you try, scumbag! Don’t let me see you again!” Wang Yi-An yelled back at him as he drove away in his fancy sport car.

“An-An…” It was shocking for Kwon Li-Mei and so she warned her, “Do you know who he is?”

“Yeah…” Liang Shing looked at Wang Yi-An with amazed. “You kicked Liu Shun-Feng in the stomach!”

Wang Yi-An smiled as she shrugged. “Justice will prevail.”

Wang Yi-An isn’t afraid of Liu Shun-Feng. However, Kwon Li-Mei and Lian Shing became worried about Wang Yi-An. Just what kind of trouble had she gotten herself into?