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Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Call Me “Tian-Xu”.

All irritated by the interruptions, Yang Tian-Xu told him on the phone, “Just get to the point.” And so, Assistant Tseng wouldn’t dare to waste any more of the President’s time and he began his report.

“I call to report to you, sir! We have looked after Miss Lee and she sustained no injuries! Sir! However…” Assistant Tseng paused for a brew second and continued, “We may have to cancel the shooting and reschedule for another day. I have sent someone to investigate the matter.”

“Good. Find out who’s the real target is, and why. I want to know all the names of the ones in charge. I won’t forgive anyone who hurt my An-An.” Yang Tian-Xu said the words out loud and clear, and Wang Yi-An blushed as she thought. “…My An-An?”

Wang Yi-An wanted to tell him, “I didn’t agree to be yours.” But she only managed to say, “Boss… I di…” Yang Tian-Xu did not hear her and she couldn’t bring herself to continue as complexity had filled her emotions.

“You said something? Does it still hurt? Do you need me to take you to the hospital?” Yang Tian-Xu bombarded her with questions about her health.

Of course, Wang Yi-An felt fine, those small cuts was nothing to her and so she shook her head. However, the way he called her “My An-An.” Made her extremely embarrassed. She couldn’t help it but blush. “Um. President Yang…”

“Yes?” He whole heartily answers her. Ready to give her anything she asks him to. Still, he felt a bit disappointed when she turned her head.

“Could you…” Wang Yi-An wanted to avoid his stares, so she turned her head away from him. “Not call me, ‘My An-An’ it is…” Wang Yi-An continued as she became embarrassed. “… very embarrassing.”

“I won’t call you ‘my an-an’ if you call me Tian-Xu.” Yang Tian-Xu was blunt about his feelings, and he wanted her to call him by his name. “Call me ‘Tian-Xu’ or you can call me Hubby. But we should wait until we get married for that.” Yang Tian-Xu let off a handsome smile, even though she tried to avoid looking at him. Still, she turned and saw a glimpse of his attractive smile and quickly she turned away again.

Wang Yi-An’s face was beet red. “President Yang! Stop joking!” Then, she rushed out the door before he could hold her back again. All he could do was followed behind her as he called out her name. “My An-An!”

Wang Yi-An shut her ears and continued to walk forward and she headed towards the elevator. However, Yang Tian-Xu’s long legs can catch up to her within seconds. “You sure you should be walking? Let me carry you.”

“No!…” Embarrassment had made her understand that she was not dreaming. However, she hoped that everything was a dream so that she could be casual around President Yang. The grin on Yang Tian-Xu’s face was proof. And because Wang Yi-An’s face was so red, it had made him happy.

Yang Tian-Xu was happy that she didn’t downright reject him. Wang Yi-An has not given him a proper answer just yet. Still, it wasn’t a ‘no’, nor was it a ‘yes’. He knew in his heart that she had somehow developed some feelings for him. With that belief in his heart, he was in the happiest mood.

Yang Tian-Xu was utterly blessed to be able to walking alongside Wang Yi-An, and now that she knows how he feels. It was like a big boulder from his heart had been removed. Yang Tian-Xu is the type of guy who won’t hold his feelings inside. Even if she did reject him; he won’t give up! Every day he would make it happen. Yang Tian-Xu is determined to let her know. ‘This is how much I love you. Since the first day, I met you.’

Just as they reached the elevator doors; Wang Yi-An quickly pressed the button to go down. Yang Tian-Xu purposely stood near her. Wang Yi-An was never conscious about his present before. However, now that he had confessed to her. Wang Yi-An’s heart couldn’t help but become restless.

Wang Yi-An couldn’t bear to look at Yang Tian-Xu’s face and avoid eye contact with him. The wait was a minute long. The happy grin on Yang Tian-Xu’s face had made the elevator-lady curious as they got inside when the door opened.

Yang Tian-Xu’s smiled remains as he said, “Floor Five, please.”

“Please? Did President Yang just said, ‘Please’?” thought the lady. It was rare for him to say ‘please’ to anything, the elevator operator was different from the one they had when they went up. It was a much older lady, and so she had no idea how badly Wang Yi-An was injured and could see her legs all wrapped up neatly. Even so, she minded her own business and did her job as she pressed on the button to floor five.

The ride down was as quickly as the ride up. The time on the clock was 11:26 AM when Wang Yi-An saw one and Yang Tian-Xu had never felt so happy. He looked at her the entire time as they went down to floor five.

Just when the door opened up to the 5th floor, and they walk back to the studio. Yang Tian-Xu asked her once again. “Do you need me to carry you?”

Wang Yi-An was shy as she took a step away from him and shook her head in embarrassment. “… No!”

However, the way she reacted had made his heart tighten with happiness. He wanted to hug her in his arms and kissed her so badly.

Nevertheless, he couldn’t. He has taken the first step and confessed his love to her, but it would be too soon to push his boundaries. Yang Tian-Xu thought he might die from the happiness he feels as he watches her. “You are just too cute.” He said to her as he watches her blushed like a beet.