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Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Meanwhile

Meanwhile, as soon as Liu Shun-Feng step inside his car and drove away. With the driver’s seat window down, he heard her screaming. “Scumbag!” as he drove off. He couldn’t help look at his rear-mirrors to watches as she stood close to the edge of the street, continuing to call him all sort of names.

“Scumbag!?” He said to himself. “Who does she think she is!?” Liu Shun-Feng was so mad his nostrils flare up! He wanted to badly to stop the call, turn back and have a good argument with her.

All his life the people around called him a lot of things, only good things. Handsome, smart, talented, but never a scumbag! A random plain girl out on the street dare to not only kick him in his stomach but call him a scumbag? A scumbag!

Liu Shun-Feng was so angry he feels like all of his blood is rushing up his head. Like his head might explode. Then his phone rings, he pushed a button on his wheels and answer the phone. “What?”

“Young master! Where are you now?” said the man’s voice in the speaker.

“I’m on my way, stop trying to rush me.” The girl already annoyed Liu Shun-Feng today. He doesn’t need anymore annoyance right now. Not from his mother’s assistant, Mo Kong.

“But young master, this is an important meeting! It’s for Liu Enterprise’s wedding dress special event, the advertisement must be released next month! The only company capable of handling it in such a short amount of time would be Yang Corps.”

“Yeah, yeah, for the last time, I know! Look, it’s not my problem that Pan Holdings is a piece of shit of a company! Why did Mother even wanted to work with them, to begin with! I told you to go to Yang Corps a long time ago!” Liu Shun-Feng felt like he shouldn’t need to feel rushed by his mother’s assistant.

Without seeing his face, one could tell how sarcastic he must feel when he said it, “You’re the one who slept with one of their top actresses.”

“It was just a rumour, you believed in those paparazzi.” Liu Shun-Feng tried to defend himself.

However, Assistant Mo knows the young master can’t have any bad rumours, with the possibility to ruin the image that Madam Liu, his mother wanted to set for him. In secret, Assistant Mo settles with the actress. What couldn’t the Liu Enterprise do to make that actress shut her mouth?

After the incident, Madam Liu has no other choice but to cancel her production for her event with Pan Holdings, lose out on money, all just to protect her son’s image. Going to Yang Corps at least minute is a desperate move, however, it still better than risk any more rumours to escalate.

The time was 1 p.m. most of the employees had already arrived back at the office. Wang Yi-An and the other two interns made it back in time regardless of what happened. But as soon as she walked to her desk, Yang Tian-Xu pokes his head out of the office and smiled at her. “You’re back!” He was like a little puppy who’s so excited to see his master come back home, it’s almost like he could wag his tail.

Wang Yi-An smiled back at him, but she doesn’t know what to say, she felt awkward. So she avoids his eyes. Just when Yang Tian-Xu wanted to interact with her, the phone in his office rang. He returns to his desk and picks it up, “Yes.”

Secretary Geng was on the line, notifying him that Madam Liu is here to see him. Yang Tian-Xu nodded and said, “Send her, I’m at the other office.”

Every time when Yang Tian-Xu referred to ‘the other office’ it always means his temporary one, not his president office is upstairs at the highest level. He meant the one he’s filling in for now until he could hire a new director.

When Yang Tian-Xu forces Wang Yi-An to become his intern, he also postpones the search for a new director. A clear reason, only Assistant Tseng knows. He knows while Yang Tian-Xu took on the job as a mere director. Yang Tian-Xu pushed all the president’s work on to him.

The worst part was he could only sign so much, the most important documents that needed the real president’s signature, Assistant Tseng had to chase Yang Tian-Xu around for those signatures, making his workload ten-times busier than it should. Assistant Tseng understood the true meaning of the phrase, “Working hard like a dog.”

After Secretary Geng got the orders to send her up, he got an employee to escort her to meet with President Yang. Then he returns to his work.

Madam Liu is a strong and independent woman. She arrived at Yang Corps as early as she could today. Madam Liu waited awhile to see the President, Yang Tian-Xu. They surprised her when the employee leads her to a different floor, and Yang Tian-Xu wasn’t in his office, but someone else.

However, it shouldn’t matter to her, as she is there with a purpose. Yang Tian-Xu came to see her at the elevator. As the doors opened, she smiled at him and gave him a warm hug just as she stepped outside the elevator doors. Yang Tian-Xu return by welcoming her with a big friendly smile and hugged her back as he greeted her, “Aunty!”

“Tian-Xu! Oh gosh, you grew up to be such a man wonderful man! Oh, if only Shun-Feng is just a bit more like you, I would die a happy woman.”

“Aunty, stop that.” Yang Tian-Xu smiled, as he felt embarrassed by her praises. “Shun-Feng is the current most popular actor. I heard he’s trying to release his first single soon, you should be proud of him.”

“Proud?” Madam Liu raised her voice, “If that boy stops causing me trouble I would be proud already.”

Yang Tian-Xu doesn’t know what to say, so he listened. Liu Shun-Feng had always been a troublesome kid when they were young. However, they still treated each other like family. Liu Shun-Feng’s father was Yang Tian-Xu’s father best friend. So the Liu and the Yang, both families have a close relationship.

After Liu Shun-Feng’s father passed away, Madam Liu moved away from City Y, she started a new business in City W with her husband’s insurance money. On her own, she had raised the Liu Enterprise into the biggest company in City W, within twenty years, Liu Enterprise annual gross revenue could rival Yang Corps or Pan Holding.