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Chapter 74

Chapter 74: If it’s not her…

Perhaps it was because City W was a much smaller city than City Y or City P, so the customer demands were higher in that city. The Liu Enterprise had become the only business within in City W. However, the relationship with the other bigger companies was still relatively new.

Yet, thanks to Madam Liu’s son, Liu Shun-Feng. As the hottest raising idol in the country. The Liu Family’s company had gained revenue at the height of his popularity. Liu Shun-Feng’s popularity had both the upside and downside. The positive part of his reputation was the gain in wealth and fortune. Yet, the downside would be all the trouble he had caused. The media loves to keep their eye on him, because of his growing popularity.

It impacted the profit growth of the Liu Enterprise every time there’s a rumour with Liu Shun-Feng and another idol. So far, those rumours were just rumours. However, it still impacts them.

Just like this time, Kim Tira—the second most popular idol in the country, had a rumour with Liu Shun-Feng. The gossip was that she had an abortion, and the father was Liu Shun-Feng.

Liu Shun-Feng knew just how wrong those rumours were, however, there was nothing he could do and to stop the news from spreading. Madam Liu had cancelled their project with Pan Holdings.

Now, in such a hurry as they had already announced their newest wedding dress line. ‘My only love’ Madam Liu had come to Yang Corps and asked for the favour of them helping her to produce the commercial in time for the release.

The wedding fashion industry was never a business that Yang Corps focused on. However, they could still managed it if they accept. With the two families relationship, of course, they would agree.

Today, Madam Liu had managed to squeeze into Yang Tian-Xu’s busy schedule. Only because the filming for Faithful Gold Enterprise was cancelled to do the accident. Madam Liu rushed to Yang Corps as soon as she could, and she was happy to see Yang Tian-Xu as she hasn’t in a while.

Yang Tian-Xu led her into the office. It was a lot smaller than his presidential office upstairs on the eight floors, but Madam Liu didn’t mind.

“Please sit down, Aunty. I’ll try to read over the details as fast as I could so I can get a better understanding of what you wanted.” Yang Tian-Xu gestured her to sit down, by pulling out a chair for her. Madam Liu sat down with a bright smile on her face as she thanked him.

“I’m so glad you were able to fit me into your busy schedule today.”

“Not a problem.” He smiled back at her. “I’ll do as much as I can to help.”

Yang Tian-Xu read over the documents quickly, “The deadline seems to be very tight, but we do have enough time to finish the promotional video. I believed our staff can manage before the deadline.”

“Please! I really needed this dress to be out before June 15th. It was my wedding anniversary.”

“Yes, I know. Shun-Feng told me how important it is to you. But it might become costly…” he said as he thought about all the rush orders, he’ll need to do.

“It doesn’t matter, I must hold this event on June 15th no matter what.” Madam Liu was determined. She doesn’t care about the cost. This wedding dress design was so important to her, money meant nothing compared to the love she had with her late husband.

“Very well then,” He smiled at her as he places the folders down. “Let me introduce you to our intern once she gets back.”

“Intern?” Madam Liu was confused. “Isn’t Gu Huan under your supervision?”

“Our Art Director, Gu Huan is away on vacation. There is no way he can work on your project, and it won’t be possible to wait for his return. But, if you look over our interne’s portfolio, and agreed to have her as the art director for this project, I will take this project and have my staff work on it right away.”

“Can’t you let Mr Han work the commercial? He might be old, but he is still well known in the industry.” Madam Liu wanted to have someone she knows well in the industry, an intern? She can’t have something so important as her wedding dress she places all her love into designing goes to waste.

“If it’s not her, I won’t take this project.” Yang Tian-Xu said with a sincere look on his face. “Mr Han already have a lot of booking on hands, same with Mrs Wong. Also, I believed and trust her skills. Please look at her portfolio before you turn her down.” He said as he handed Madam Liu a folder.

Madam Liu hesitated at first, then she reaches her hand out to take the folder. When she opened Wang Yi-An’s portfolio, she saw Wang Yi-An’s work. She was astonished by the fantastic details, Wang Yi-An’s artwork looks realistic. Down to every little detail.

Of course, Wang Yi-An’s photographic memory made it possible for her to re-draw everything she sees, in great detail. Madam Liu placed the folder down, and nodded as she said, “Okay.”