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Chapter 67

Chapter 67: I Love Your Cooking!

Wang Yi-An’s willingness to save anyone endanger, even if it was threatened for her as well. She made Lee Yin-Yin felt ashamed to be called the Nation’s top idol. For sure, if it was Lee Yin-Yin who saw another person’s life at risk. She would be like many others who would stand idly by and unable to move or accomplish anything. Lee Yin-Yin had begun to understand her differences between Wang Yi-An and herself.

“I hope that one day your happiness will come to you, and you will forever be blissful.” Lee Yin Yin’s word has left Wang Yi-An confused. However, Yang Tian-Xu understand. “I thank you for that Miss Lee. Would you need me to send someone to escort you back home?”

“Oh, no it is fine. Please find out what caused the accident. I truly felt like I was the target.” Lee Yin-Yin wanted to know what happens as she gave a slight bow to the both of them.

Yang Tian-Xu stood tall as he smiled back, and Wang Yi-An would give a slight bow back. Lee Yin-Yin felt like she can understand Yang Tian-Xu a bit better now. “You sure have a unique taste.” As she thought to herself, she left out a sweet smile at Wang Yi-An and said out loud. “I’ll be sure to sing for you at your wedding!”

Just like that Wang Yi-An was confused. “Wedding?” Then suddenly she thought about what President Yang told her earlier when he confessed to her. Wang Yi-An blushed a bit as she looks over to Yang Tian-Xu. “Miss Lee is a fascinating person.”

Yang Tian-Xu knew that Wang Yi-An might be confused as to why Lee Yin-Yin would say those words, so he felt the need to clarify. “She was talking about our wedding.”

Wang Yi-An face boils up as she heard him, and turn to stare at his face for a second. Then instantaneously she turned away from him again and shouted. “Stop joking around!” Then she rushed away in embarrassment.

“Wait! An-An!” He called out her name as he rushed up to her, and grabbed on to her arms. “It’s almost lunch time. Do you wanna go have lunch together?”

Wang Yi-An’s face was beet red. “I… Ah…” She was unable to respond to his question, and she couldn’t understand herself, then she took a step back and twisted her body over to the side to be able to release herself from Yang Tian-Xu’s grip, and then she told him. “I have brought my lunch today. So…”

“Really? You made lunch?” Yang Tian-Xu was excited, as he let out a big grin, and asked her. “Can I have some too? I love your cooking.” Yang Tian-Xu followed Wang Yi-An into the break-room. Just as Wang Yi-An was getting ready to heat up her food and enjoy her lunch. Yang Tian-Xu stood idly by her side like he was a puppy waiting for his owner to feed him.

It was silly of Yang Tian-Xu to act like such a child around Wang Yi-An. However, he felt happiness just knowing that his actions had made her embarrassed. Slowly, Yang Tian-Xu thoughts that perhaps he’ll have a chance with her.

Yang Tian-Xu would hang around Wang Yi-An the entire day. Never would he want to leave her sight. He sometimes would force himself close to her, and just like now, with Yang Tian-Xu inside the break-room. Who else dares to enter the room? The employees were all shocked, and there was this one particular employee that was more curious about President Yang’s attitude towards Wang Yi-An than the rest.

It might have been such a scene to watch as President Yang would hang around Wang Yi-An, and he would beg to have some of her food. Most of them would merely think that “Wow, Wang Yi-An’s food must be extremely delicious! Even President Yang had taken a liking to her lunch box.”

However, the particular employee that was lurking in the corner felt like it was very suspicious. The man has been an employee at Yang Corps for a while, and he was just a typical average middle-age man. However, there was this irking feeling around him that Assistant Tseng had noticed. Sure enough, Assistant Tseng followed him secretly as he saw the man sneaking to a private area. The man made sure that no one could see him. Then the man took out his phone and dialled a number.

Assistant Tseng found a place to hide himself well, and even the man haven’t noticed him. He was at a position where he could hear everything clearly, and he quickly recorded him.

“Madam! I have done everything you told me to do. However, it was ashamed that the target was unharmed. But I still would like to get compensated for my work so far.” The man talks on the phone, and the man was also secretly recording their conversation to use it as black mail later. The man is a sneaky scheming person.

The woman on the other side was furious. “You didn’t kill her like I wanted you to, and now you still want payment from me?” The tone of her voice is familiar. Tong Yue-Yan’s aunt was the voice on the other line.

Aunt Tong was furious as she found out about her plan utterly ruined, and Lee Yin-Yin was unharmed. “I want you to kill that bitch, Lee Yin-Yin. I don’t care how you do it! I want her to either die a horrible death or live a miserable life for hurting my dearest niece!”