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Chapter 70

Chapter 70: It’s Nothing…

Wang Yi-An could somehow feel Yang Tian-Xu’s sincerity. However, with the rumour about him and Lee Yin-Yin dating, she couldn’t help but feel, “perhaps they are just using me?”

Yet, she remembered about what Lee Yin-Yin told her about singing at her wedding, and Yang Tian-Xu with his words, “Our wedding.” It made her blushed.

Frustrated, Wang Yi-An raffled her hair and rocked her head. Surprised, the other two asked her, “What’s wrong, An-An?”

“It’s nothing!” She said in a fast tone as she realised she’s not alone. Then again, she blushed once more. Thinking, “This is definitely Fung Da-Ge’s jokes! They had been hanging out together a lot! The two of them must be scheming something against me for entertainment!”

Yet, how could she have guessed that the reason Yang Tian-Xu hang-out with Fung Qi-Wei was because of her? Every morning Yang Tian-Xu would come to visit Fung Qi-Wei and use the excuse, “I’m here to hang-out with brother Fung!”

How could she have guessed that it was his excuses to see her? However, now that Yang Tian-Xu had made his confession to her. It was awkward, suspicious, and the only thing Wang Yi-An could think about was, “It must be a joke.”

Wang Yi-An tried to ignore her thoughts and laughed along with Liang Shing. The three of them chat and listens to Kwon Li-Mei’s complaints about her work problems.

Kwon Li-Mei feels like she had suffered too much as Mrs Wong’s intern. Who else can Kwon Li-Mei complain to either than her two co-interns?

Compared to Liang Shing? Mr Han is super easy going mentor. He never gives too much work that Lian Shing can’t handle, and they would often go out for a drink together. Mr Han treats all his interns like they are his children.

“Yeah, Mr Han is awesome. Never give me too much work to do.” Liang Shing brags about his good relationship with his mentor. Then he turned to Wang Yi-An and asked her. “What about you An-An? Is everything all good?”

“Yeah…” Wang Yi-An felt jealous. Initially, she was looking forward to having Mr Han as her mentor. Now? What can she expect from Yang Tian-Xu? He is always busy, but her? He only gave her one work or one project at a time.

Why? Because he doesn’t want to overwork his precious crush. Who does all the work? Only Assistant Tseng can answer that.

Time passed by before they realised that lunch-break was almost over. Know Li-Mei jumped out from her seat. “Ah! Damn it! I have to get back now!”

“But there’s still twenty minutes left.” Liang Shing said as he looks at his watch.

“Twenty minutes? I’m ten minutes late! I need to go now!” she replied.

“We’ll come with you.” Wang Yi-An said with a smile. It was about time they should head back to the office.

Mrs Wong is strict regarding time management. Coming back late from lunch-breaks would make Mrs Wong angry. Because of that, Kwon Li-Mei became accustomed to coming back from lunch break early. As long as she is there before Mrs Wong, Kwon Li-Mei could be at peace. Otherwise, she’ll get more work to do than she could ever handle.

Kwon Li-Mei’s punch-card is by far has the most hours logged. She doesn’t even want those extra times. Interns don’t get pay by the hours but by salary base. However, they need hours for their school requirements to graduate. Kwon Li-Mei’s hours have far surpassed what she needed.

Wang Yi-An and Liang Shing could only feel sympathy for Kwon Li-Mei. “We’ll come with you.” Wang Yi-An said with a smile. It was about time they should head back to the office.

Then the three of them got up and left the coffee shop together. However, on their way back, a fast-speeding white-sport car speed by them. The car was going at 70 km per hour in a 35 km zone.

It was going so fast the car gave them a strong breeze as it passed by them. The wind lifted Kwon Li-Mei’s long dress up. She was so mad, she shouted. “Whoa! Someone’s in a hurry to be reborn.”

The three of them saw how fast the car was speeding, as the car turned the corner, an older lady was about to cross the street. The vehicle stopped on time and didn’t hit her.

However, the loud screeching of the wheels was so loud, it scared the lady, and she fell on the ground. The lady was an elder as she needed a cane to walk.

When she fell to the ground, it was a hard fall to the ground, and she wounded her hands and scratched her knees. The car was only a few inches away from hitting her.

The driver rolled down his window and shouted, “Get out of my way! If you want to die, go jump in front of someone else’s car!” It was the voice of a man who shouted. “Hurry and get out of the way!”

Wang Yi-An witnessed it and ran out to see if it hurt the old lady or not. “Are you hurt?” She asked the old lady as she helped the lady up and check to see her injuries.

The driver inside the car became impatient, he shouted out from his window, “Get off the street!”

“Hey!” Wang Yi-An couldn’t believe such a rude person existed, so she screamed back at the driver. “Are you even human? You didn’t even come out to check if you hurt her or not!”

The car’s door opened from the driver’s side, and a handsome young man steps out. When he got out, this man’s appearance captivated Kwon Li-Mei. In an instant, she knew the identity of this man.

“Oh my God! It’s Liu Shun-Feng!” Kwon Li-Mei cried out with excitement.

Liu Shun-Feng, not only is he the heir to the Liu Enterprise. He is also a famous actor on the rise. He gains his popularity through his family background and his charming good looks.

Unlike Liu Shun-Feng, Yang Tian-Xu is less involved in the entertainment world and focus on the business world. Yang Tian-Xu is first in the business world. In the entertainment world, the crowns belong to Liu Shun-Feng.