Fuck Me! Hate Me!

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Chapter 2

Alex Fraser never expected things to end up like this. An obvious reason for a man to fantasied about getting fucked by such beauty, however, she only teased him. Her name was Melanie Hart, and she has such a beauty that any man who sees her would stare at her nonstop. Such a vision that only appears in a dream. However, Melanie has a secret she cannot tell anyone; and that secret is that she is a serial killer.

Melanie enjoys the suffering on Alex’s face when she hurt him. She kept him in her torture chamber for two days. She came in to see him so she can have her fill with him before she would feed him. Melanie dropped her whip and sat on top of him. With her thong still on, she felt his bare skin as she rubs her body on his thigh.

“Can you feel how wet I am?” She asked him as she kept rubbing on his thigh, back and forward. Her juices flow out and onto his leg. “Do you want to put your cock in me yet?” She asked him again and looked at his pain expressions with joy.

“You know what?” He asked her, “I’m enjoying this too much. What are you getting out of this?”
Melanie smirked again and whispered in his ears. “Your soul.” And so with the candle in her hand, she dropped some hot wax onto his belly. It was so close to his cock, and if she wasn’t careful, it could have touched his cock.

Alex could only moan and screamed in pain. The lower belly was a sensitive spot for him. He groaned in agony and suffered slight burn. However, he could never understand why such a beautiful girl would take such pleasure in his torment.

Melanie constant rubbing on him made him harder. He wants to enter her, however, if he gives into her, what would happen? Melanie used her hands to rub on his nipples, and she lowers her head down just enough so she can suckle them. The sounds of her sucking were so erotic that Alex couldn’t hold up. “You are a fucking bitch; you know?”

Again, her enjoyment came from his suffering. His pains drives her into insanity. Melanie’s nails were long and sharp. She filed it a few hours before she came in to see him, and with her claws, she could dig into his skins. Melanie used her fingertip to cut down a little into his chest. He wasn’t hairy like most men are, in fact; his chest were free of hair.

Melanie loved to look at his face when she pours more hot wax onto his body. Alex should be used to it by now. Yet, he still couldn’t hold his voice in, as he could feel her soaking on his legs. “I want you inside me so much, do you want me to put it in?”

“NO!” Alex resisted. He can’t give into her, because he knew. That would be the last time Alex will ever fuck anyone ever, and so he’ll never cave in. He holds onto his urges and desires. He could only regret why he took the case to begin with. Wasn’t it because of his ex-partner fault?

Lucas Smith, he is a man who has been his partner during his days on the police force. Until he decided he would make a lot more money if he becomes a private detective. Which he did, and he had made a lot more money. Every time there was an unsolved case, the police would come to him. Hired him, and he could solve it within a month’s time, with no problem.

It was a sunny afternoon when he met up with his ex-partner, Lucas Smith. Lucas had been working on a case for over a year. However, he’s stuck, with no leads. Lucas was a stubborn guy, and if he doesn’t need the help, he would never have come to Alex for his help.

However, the case had gone cold after three years, and more time passes by, the case got placed in the cold room. Lucas can’t allow that to happen. And so when Lucas came to him and asked for his help. After Alex took the case and his first deposit, he went to do his own investigation of the three victims. Alex was sure that these three victims must have something done to trigger this serial killer’s taste.

What was it? Alex decided he would take on a new identity and go undercover. He would frequent the places that these victims had in common. The first place he went to was a restaurant. The old British restaurant had been in this town for years. Perhaps too long? And the nightclub he went to during the night doesn’t seem so suspicious either.

The only place that seem suspicious was the dentist office. The dentist office hours were between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and it seems reasonable. However, the dentist there looks like he was new in town. However, the people who had been missing and turned up was just about three years. Perhaps it’s not the dentist? They had only been open for about two-and-a-half year.

No matter what the information that Alex received had given him. He still felt like there was something wrong with this dentist clinic. Those victims were friendly and had white teeth. Perhaps the dentist there is a creepy serial killer and likes whiten teeth? It does often happen in mystery novels, and so Alex decided he should come in for an exam.

It was there that he had meant the prettiest girl ever. Melanie Hart, she had such a beautiful smile on her face, which Alex couldn’t stop his glaze. Her loving voice when she greeted him. “Hello, how can I help you?”

How could Alex have known this beauty was a cold-hearted killer?

While as Alex tried to recall what he had done wrong, here he’s locked up in a chair. Melanie looked at him with a sweet innocent look on her face as she asked him, “What’s wrong? You sure you don’t want to be inside me?”