Fuck Me! Hate Me!

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Chapter 1

The place was cold and dark. A single candle hung on each four walls were the only lightings that lit up the dark room. About the size of a single garage. However, a single window barred by steel metal bars from the inside. For sure the hard-cold concrete wall seems old, dirty with dried blood-stains. Hard to determine what the stain is in the dark. Yet, the room carried a metallic copper-irony smell, like it was blood, like an old dungeon in a poor rated movie.

There was a man in his mid-twenties, he looked somewhat fit. His eyes was a greenish-blue. His eyes were moist, so it reflected the lights from the candle from four walls. He has light brown hair, however, in the dark it look like it was darker. He was naked with bruises and cuts all over his body. Strapped in a chair with chains attached to ground as they held the chair from tipping over.

The chains locked his ankles, and his arms tied up from behind him by a cable tie. Every inch he makes to attempt to break free became harder each moment that passes. Strapped there for a while as wounds appeared on his wrist from the continuous struggle.

“Ah! Fuck!” he shouts out loud, trying to escape his imprisonment. He groans and grunted as he tried to break free once more. How many times has it been since he tried that? Four? No, was it five? The man continued to battle his way out from these shackles that confined him. But how could he? Locked up in a chair bolted to the concrete floor. It was futile for him to even sway the chair.

A giggling voice, “You really need to stop doing that,” a feminine voice emerges from within the shadows continued, “You should learn by now how stupid it is to struggle.“ as she revealed her beautiful face, carried in her hand, a small candle.

The candle lights reflected in her eyes and made her eyes shines so beautiful; it was like you can get lost in them. From within the darkness she appeared as she looked at him with a smirk on her face.

The woman wore nothing but a black bra and a sexy black-lace thong. Although it was dark, however, you can tell that the girl had a light pale skin-tone. Her eyes was a hazel-brown, and her long black hair. They were beautiful, so beautiful that he wanted to laugh, and when he did he laughed out, “You know, this is getting old.” He said, “You are only just making me hornier with that outfit.”

“Oh? I know that. I want you to be hard for me.” She smiled at him as she bends down closer to his knees. She places the candle down on the ground as she reached onto his soft cock and her first stroke him made him hard. “Oh, Alex! Look at you! You like me so much that your cock just got so hard after one stroke.” She giggled as she kept stroking his cock.

The man name was Alex Fraser. Alex laughed as he told her, “I still like you.” She looked up at his face and smiled, “I know.” And then a whip came fast on to his body. She whipped him hard and his screaming voice echoed out in the room. “Ah! Fuck! Fuck you bitch!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, and she left him with a few new markings with her whip.

The enjoyment she received from his torment made her wet, she places her hand down her thong and showed him. “Oh, Alex. Looked how wet you made me already.” Alex stared at her as she reveals her bare vagina, she had waxed down below. Her most sensitive spot was her pink clitoris and when she touched herself there, she moaned and smiled at him.

“Want to put it in yet?” she asked with an evil smirk on her face.
“I know you want me to fuck you hard.” He said as he laughs even though he was in pain. “But it’s ashamed I’m locked up here. Or else I’ll make you feel even better.”

She laughed at his speech as she leans in closer to him. “I like it better this way.” She whispered into his ears. Then she took the small candle she had brought in with her up from the ground and poured the wax onto his chest. The heat from the wax burns him, it was a slight burn, however, it was still painful. “AH!” he screamed, “YOU FUCK UP BITCH!”

Alex Fraser couldn’t remember how long it had been since his captured anymore. Three days? No, perhaps it had been longer. A week perhaps? Alex Fraser was a private detective, good at his jobs. At-often-times he would take a request from the police to solve missing person cases, or solve murders that the police couldn’t solve.

Alex, arrogant to believe he was the smartest man in the world. However, there was this mysterious murder that had happened to men in a local town nearby; there, three bodies discovered, at a different time and date, however, their bodies abandoned at a nearby playground park. Naked, brutally tortured, and perhaps raped?

No clue on the bodies, however, one thing in common with these three victims. They were regular clients at the same nightclub, dentist office, and restaurant. These clues are normal findings, even the police knew, however, the town they lived in is a small town, with a population of about 300.

It was common for these victims to have some kind of connection. A work of a serial killer? The same M.O. no matter who the victim was; Young male within 25 – 35 years of age, tall, handsome, and married. Happily married men, having a family of their own. Who could do such a thing?

The victim started off as a missing person case. Some went missing for days, months, or even over a year. Their time frame were all different.

However, when their body discovered, they have no clothing on them. No wedding rings… Nothing. The only thing they have on their bodies where wounds, bruises and cuts. Both before and after death. It was like a hate crime, and the serial killer must hate the victims to an extreme level.

Alex find the case alluring and took it on. He was interested in it and amazed by the cause of death; Erotic asphyxiation. The victims remain erected even after death. Alex never thought this serial killer could be a woman.

The endless brutal tortures was harsh, it was a mix of both pleasure and pain. No, it’s not the ones where you can call out a code-word like “red” and it would end. The torture was endless, and even when Alex can scream and shout, “You fuck up bitch!” However, his shouting only excited her more.