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Chapter 6

Chapter 6
I Like You!

The most anticipating Day of her Life had arrived for Wang Yi-An. Her official letter of acceptance—from Yang Corps’ internship program—had been sent to her late at night; although it was an email, it was still official.
Jumping with joy as she received it in her ‘Inbox’, she told Madam Fung and Fung Qi-Wei, “Auntie! Brother Fung! I got the acceptance letter from Yang Corps!”

They both cheered with her and smiled because they were proud of her. They wanted her to take the day off tomorrow to rest; however, Wang Yi-An wanted to work and make extra cash. Rejecting the offer, she continued with her duties.
Two more weeks before she officially works for Yang Corps. During these two weeks, Wang Yi-An worked at the restaurant every day, until her school begins next term. She had an internship at Yang Corps for the entire summer. Still, she needed to make enough money so that she could help her mother pay off the mortgage as soon as possible. Wang Yi-An’s long-term goal was to have her mother retire early and enjoy life. Wang Yi-An’s mother was a single mother, and she worked so hard to raise her by herself. She wants to give all the best to her mother.

For two weeks, Yang Tian-Xu made excuses to his parents, telling them how overwhelming it was at work. The business project with Jin Qi-Long and his company Faithful Gold Enterprise was very demanding, but he could handle it. Still, he told his friend, Jin Qi-Long to cover for him.
It was unusual for Yang Tian-Xu to make this request, so Jin Qi-Long accepted his request unquestionably. Often Mrs Yang would call Jin Qi-Long to ask him why he wouldn’t answer her calls, curious about Yang Tian-Xu’s whereabouts. Jin Qi-Long would tell her they were in meetings and Yang Tian-Xu was too focused to answer his phone.
Yang Tian-Xu wanted to avoid his parents, so he stayed at Yang Corps most of the time. He knew his parents would pressure him to date Tong Yue-Yan, but he was a man who knew exactly what he wanted.

Each day, he returned to the coffee shop, looking out at the same window, same seat, he would watch the street. Rather, he was on his way to or getting off work, even during his days off. He always paid attention to the roads, walking more often than he would usually. Yang Tian-Xu hoped that one day, he could meet her again.
His train of thought kept him spaced-out the entire day, with each passing day, he became irritated easier, his assistant noticed the change in his behaviour. Strange, but Assistant Tseng chose to remain silent. Until the end of the second week, Friday, the supposed last day of April.
Countless times he thought he could see her again, plenty of ways he would greet her. He replays the many possibilities of him meeting her again. When he does, perhaps he should ask for her phone number? How could he ask her that? He ruffled his hair as he sat in his desk, thinking. He would be a stranger to her—why would she give him her number? Probably, he would try to stalk her first? Find out where she lives, works, or go to school. After that, he could pretend it was a coincidence to meet her one day. Wait… Wouldn’t that make him suspicious and creepy?

Oh God, help me.

He had both his hands covering his forehead as a thought came to him. Maybe he could pretend he lost his phone and needed to make a call and ask her if he could borrow her phone? That way he can thank her for letting him use her phone, then he can get her number, and her name!

“Ah!” he let out a frustrated expression that startles Assistant Tseng. Yang Tian-Xu seems to be in his deep thoughts, he lost his mind, doesn’t know what to do with himself. Those trains of thoughts in Yang Tian-Xu’s mind kept going on endlessly. He ruffled his head in depression. He asked himself out loud, “Just how pitiful am I?”

“Ah? Boss?” His assistant finally brought out the courage to ask him, after two weeks. He noticed that President Yang had acted oddly ever since two weeks ago. “Is there something wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing. I had a long night.” He replied as he pushes the question off like it was nothing, the tone of his voice seems depressing, of course, Assistant Tseng didn’t want to pry.

Yang Tian-Xu wanted to talk about it, but he didn’t. Even when it was killing him inside, he wondered how he could go about asking a stranger out? He must be crazy; he had only met her once. It was not like he had a whole conversation with her, he laid eyes on her once. There wasn’t even a single word of exchange between them. It had already been two weeks. Nevertheless, the images of her smiling at him remains fresh in his mind.

She wasn’t really smiling at him, he wasn’t sure of it. She was pushing the cart for the old-lady while laughing and smiling. At that time, Yang Tian-Xu was waiting for them to pass in his car. Did she see him? Did she smile as thanks for waiting? His reaction was silence for a minute before he screamed, “Ah!” He became frustrated with himself again, and this time he’d slammed his hands onto the desk hard, Assistant Tseng’s eyes almost pop out of their socket from the shock.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” His head sways back and forward, keeping a lookout for danger. He thought, “Something in the room?” Assistant Tseng questioned himself as he continued looking around. He noticed nothing odd in sight, he asked, “Are you feeling sick, boss?”

“I said it was a long night.” an irritable tone in his voice, he wanted to be left alone as he replied to him.

Assistant Tseng felt awkward, “Well then, boss, I will go through the interns’ schedule once more, and get that sorted out for you to view and sign for approval.”

Supporting his head with one hand while the other shooed Assistant Tseng away. Tseng Kuan-Yin took it as a signal to leave him be.

Assistant Tseng returned to his office and finished up the schedule for the interns. This year Yang Corps selected only three interns, and he did the selecting himself personally on behalf of President Yang. Assistant Tseng took his job seriously, he double checked, and sometimes he would triple check for errors before he sends President Yang anything. Making sure for the third time.

Meetings after meetings, it packed Yang Tian-Xu’s schedule. Need to meet with partner companies which hosted their products and events in Yang Corps Mall. The marketing and advertisement department of Yang Corps still need a Head-General manager, and with such a busy schedule—he was busy to the extreme. Unable to find a suitable candidate for the position, he worked twice as hard.

Yang Tian-Xu had a lot on his hands. Assistant Tseng could somehow understand President Yang’s stress. “Boss seems stressed lately!” So he should help take some load off President Yang’s shoulder. The new interns knew a manager from the M&A (Marketing and Advertising) department would mentor them throughout their internship. Assistant Tseng assigned them to an Art Director, Mr Han. Mr Han would be an outstanding mentor for them.

Mr Han loved teaching interns, and would never stop talking about passion. Assistant Tseng nodded his head in his third checks and sent out the schedule for the three interns, and a copy to the Art Director, HR Manager, Vice-President and President Yang.

Yang Tian-Xu opened the email and took a quick look at the documents. He signed to show his approval of the schedule. Send back to Assistant Tseng, and then he continued working on other contracts that needed his signature. A quick day passed by in a blink of an eye, day transcending into the night, and soon before he realised the weekend had arrived, repeating his everyday life, still wondering when he could meet her again.

The weekends were as busy as every other weekend in Happiness Restaurant; Wang Yi-An worked hard and returned late every day, but tonight she left work earlier, this was because she would have to start the internship tomorrow morning. Excited for her first day, Monday became her long-awaited day of the week. She waited for two weeks, waiting for tomorrow to come.

Wang Yi-An was too excited, she couldn’t sleep. She got ready for bed, but she stayed awake in the living room as she waited for her mother to return home. Her mother said she would be home as soon as she could, so Wang Yi-An stayed up. The sounds of the doorknob twisted along with the keys rustling alerted Wang Yi-An. As the door opens, she rushed over to greet her mother.

“Mommy, you’re home!” She said as she falls into her mother’s arms. Her mother just returned from work, right when the time was 7:00 p.m. Wang Yi-An had eaten first already and saved her mother food in the refrigerator, easy to reheat in the microwave.
Wang Yi-An was a baby at heart, she wanted to see her mother and made her cradle her before she goes to bed. So she waited, and a big warm hug as she held her, acting like she was still a little girl. When Wang Yi-An was little, she would hug her mother like this when she wanted something.
“Yes, yes! Why is my little An-An such a baby?”
“Mom! I love you!” she said and kissed her mother on her cheek, her mother smiled and patted her head.
“I love you too.” as her mother let out a peaceful smile.
“After my job gets stable, I want you to retire early and enjoy life. I never want you to worry about money problems ever again!” Determined for her mother to have a better life, she felt like her mother deserved it, and she hated having to see her mother return home late at night.

Sure, tonight she came home at a regular hour, but there would be days her mother worked late and won’t be home until morning! For the past two weeks, her mother came home late at night, sometimes even past midnight. Wang Yi-An worried about her mother to the point she couldn’t even sleep.
Her mother sighed, “An-An.” As she patted her daughter’s back and said, “Mommy is thrilled to have you as my daughter.”
“Hm!” she smiled and gripped her mother in her embrace, “I’m happy to be your daughter too.”
“Okay,” her mother said as she let go of her, “You should sleep early, don’t you start your internship tomorrow?.”

“Hm!” she nodded happily, “But I want you to tuck me in!” Her mother smiled, and told her, “You’re 22 years old now! Stop being such a baby! Go now, go to sleep.”
“Hm!” she nodded her head with a smile and head to her bedroom. Wang Yi-An slept in peace that night.

Meanwhile, Yang Tian-Xu could not fall asleep. For the past two weeks, he had many sleepless nights like this. Only him in his room, he said out loud, “God, Dear Lord. If you want to torture me, please stop it and end my life right now! Stop making me suffer. If not, please just once more, please let me meet her! Just one more time!” Yang Tian-Xu covered the bedsheets over his head. He ruffled around, again and again, he turned right and left, he tried to count sheep. It all makes him seem restless, but the only thing that could keep him calm were the images of her smile again.

Sentimental thoughts emerged inside his mind, fast asleep, he dreamt about her. Every night, he had dreams of her.

Her smile, it looked so innocent when she smiled at the dog. He wished he was the dog, inside his dream, he transformed from the dog into himself. Together he would help her pushed that old lady cart, she would smile at him, laughing at him. In his dream, he could hold her tight. Wanting to give her a soft kiss, but as he leans in for the kiss. The goddamn alarm went off. Again. For the past two weeks, every time he’d be close enough to kiss her, he’d roll off his bed with the shrill sounds at 8:00 a.m.

Yang Corps was not only a business building but also a shopping mall. Although, every individual owner had their hours for their business. The Yang Corps entrances were open 24 hours a day, with a 24-hour security unit. However, their offices were open from 8:00 a.m. and closed at 5:00 p.m. Yang Tian-Xu always arrived at the office at 9:00 a.m and would stay until 5:30 p.m.

The day arrived, today Wang Yi-An came early to Yang Corps’ headquarters. Her orientation was not until 9:00 a.m but being early kept her mind at peace. The other two interns, Kwon Li-Mei and Liang Shing, arrived early after they introduced each other they all went to enjoy a cup of coffee before they return for the orientation. When they returned, the receptionist told them to wait in the lobby. They sat there waiting, chit-chatting with one another.

They found out they were about the same age; however, Liang Shing was the oldest. Being two years older than Kwon Li-Mei, and three years older than Wang Yi-An, he was indeed the oldest. He wanted to be sure he could get in Yang Corps, and so he had completed his degree while Wang Yi-An and Kwon Li-Mei were in their third years. Kwon Li-Mei went to an expensive university, and Wang Yi-An went to a cheap third rate college. Not only does Kwon Li-Mei had a pretty face, but she also seems to be quite an intelligent beauty, but she sure loves to gossip, especially about President Yang.

“Did you know in the Country’s Top 10 Magazine, they featured our President Yang! He’s ranked as the hottest and most desirable bachelor!” with a copy in her hands as she waved, sure enough, Yang Tian-Xu’s photograph as the magazine’s front cover.

“It says here in the Fun-Facts section; Those who worked with President Yang Tian-Xu says he is strict at work, but fun when not. It also says in the Fun-Facts; If this country has an award for the most filial son, President Yang Tian-Xu would eventually win that award leaving others a milestone away! Oh my God! He is so—my dream guy!” Kwon Li-Mei pointed her finger at Yang Tian-Xu’s face in the picture, like she was petting his face and what-not, but Wang Yi-An wasn’t paying attention. She had a sketchbook out and was busy drawing the lobby area.

“Whoa, you are very talented.” Liang Shing said as he was sitting in the middle between the two girls. He listens to Kwon Li-Mei gossips on his left side, but he would turn over and saw Wang Yi-An sketching on his right side.
Wang Yi-An smiled and said, “Thanks.” The three of them waited until the clock turned to 8:45 p.m. Assistant Tseng arrived and saw them and said, “You youngsters sure are early today. Excited?”
“Yes,” they said in unison. He smiled and said, “Okay, let’s get you kids started.” Assistant Tseng asked them to follow him, and he explained the overall structure of Yang Corps, as they walked into the elevator going to the seventh floor. He told them the history, and most important, he asked them.
“Anyone here watches the historical drama, Legend of the Yang Family?”
“Oh, I love that drama!” Kwon Li-Mei was excited about it, because of the drama, she had chosen Yang Corps and not Pan holdings Inc.
“That was my favourite drama of all time!” Liang Shing couldn’t help it, but he also expressed his love for the drama. However, Wang Yi-An was simple as she said with little expression, “I don’t have time to watch dramas.”

They all looked at Wang Yi-An in silent, saying nothing else, they continued as they got off the elevator, the doors opened to reveal the busy office of Yang Corps. Each person was busy doing their job, most were on the computer typing, while somebody else was on a call line. The atmosphere was overall chaotic, and standing to the side chattering away was the Art Director Mr Han, and the President, Yang Tian-Xu. Yang Tian-Xu had his back faced towards them, face to face with Mr Han, they could see Mr Han, but can’t see President Yang’s face as they walked in, but Assistant Tseng knew it was President Yang from his back alone, he called out to him. “President Yang!”
Yang Tian-Xu was busy instructing Mr Hans, “I have high hopes for the new interns, I hope you can guide them towards success.”
“Don’t worry Pres, you know I might be old, but I’m still capable!” Mr Han laughs.
As President of Yang Corps, Yang Tian-Xu wanted to double check that the new interns could keep up with the quality of their productions and ensuring them as many hands-on experiences as possible.
“You have my complete trust, Mr Han. I thank you for your hard work.”
Mr Han nodded his head, but when suddenly, Assistant Tseng called out to him. “President Yang!”
Yang Tian-Xu turned around, and as Assistant Tseng continued, “Here are our new interns.”

When he turned his head, he saw her. Wang Yi-An—standing behind Assistant Tseng. His body became frozen, like time stopped, unable to comprehend his surrounding. His assistant’s voice faded out, and his sight only focused on her. Assistant Tseng and the other two interns, along with Wang Yi-An approached closer and closer, Yang Tian-Xu couldn’t see anyone else but her. Once they reach him, she was only an arm’s length away. If he wanted to grab her, he could. Going mayhem with insanity, he pondered again, This isn’t a dream, is it?

Lost within his own thoughts—he could not hear Assistant Tseng’s voice as he explained to the interns their duties as interns—what the company’s expectation should be and so on. Assistant Tseng introduced him and Mr Han and their respective position within Yang Corps.
“Mr Han is the best mentor you kids could only dream of,” he said as he laughs, “He’ll be your mentor for three months, and write an evaluation for every one of you. Trust me when I say you kids have the best luck ever!”
“Oh stop it, Assistant Tseng! You’re making me blush!” While Mr Han and Assistant Tseng joked with one another. They laughed and talk about how many years they had worked at Yang Corps. Everyone was feeling chilled and casual.

Every one but Yang Tian-Xu. His heart raced, his mind went blank, unable to process the reality happening before his eyes. Their voices echoes, fading in and out, along with everyone else in the background, just as they greeted one another, shaking hands along the way. He could only see her, everyone else was a blur.

Although the interns didn’t reach their hands out to shake with President Yang as they felt inferior to his status. They gave a simple head bow to greet him. Just when Assistant Tseng told them to follow Mr Han where he could assign them each a workstation.

They walked past President Yang one by one, Wang Yi-An was the last one, she was at the end of the line-up. She was the last person to pass by him. Like it was an instant reaction, he reached out a hand and grabbed her arm and pull her in towards him—he shouted aloud—loud enough for everyone in the office to hear him.

“I like you!”