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Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Where are you?

With his cold attitude towards her—Yang Tian-Xu’s mother had already warned her last night, telling her how he could be such a workaholic. The thoughts of his seriousness made her felt like he would become a great husband.
She remained by his side without saying another word: she was in his presence silently watching him. Unaware he was thinking about another. Tong Yue-Yan thought perhaps she had taken a step closer to Yang Tian-Xu’s heart. Enjoying the silence surrounding with him, being as patient as she could.
“Do you want another cup of coffee?” Tong Yue-Yan asked him politely. At 1:30 p.m., they were sitting around for over an hour. Yang Tian-Xu had finally turned to look at her and said, “Sorry, I must bore you. Would you like to go?”
“Oh, it’s okay, we can stay if you like!” Nervous, not wanted him to think she was bored. “Are you—” Then her stomach growls a little. She had not eaten breakfast because she spent all day getting ready, undecided about what to dress herself in the entire morning. She blushes as she held her belly. “—sorry.”
Yang Tian-Xu gave a gentle smile, “We should go for lunch. I wouldn’t want you to starve.”
They left the coffee shop and headed back to where Yang Tian-Xu had parked his car. The underground parking lot was at the opposite corner from the street, they had to cross the road, eventually. They could cross the road now at this street light, or they could go straight and stay on their current side of the street until they reach the other traffic lights, then pass.
Yang Tian-Xu had purposely walked across the street where the homeless man laid curled up—he passed by him and gave the man the change he’d received from paying for the coffees. Tong Yue-Yan was a wealthy lady, how could she have any change? She only had credit and debit cards in her wallet.
She wanted to look like a sweet and kind girl in front of Yang Tian-Xu, but she can’t give the homeless man her credit cards, so she passed by the homeless man and said, “It’s such a shame I don’t have cash on me.” Yang Tian-Xu didn’t care what she had, not like it mattered to him. “It’s okay, few people bring cash nowadays.” A fact in this modern world, everything was digitised.
Yang Tian-Xu was just like Tong Yue-Yan yesterday—who only bring his credit and debit cards with him, if not he would use his apps on his smartphone. The thoughts of helping out the man only occur to him after he had met her. She had left an unforgettable impression in his mind that remains in his heart.
The time already displayed 1:45 p.m. They had reached the underground parking where Yang Tian-Xu parked his car. He stationed there twice now, in the same spot he parked yesterday. Perhaps doing so would allow him to meet her again?
They got into the car and he drove out—the traffic today wasn’t as bad as it was yesterday. They got out into the street in less than 30 seconds, but still, he kept his eyes out for her.
Yang Tian-Xu took Tong Yue-Yan to an expensive restaurant nearby, it was already 2:15 p.m. when they got there. The fancy restaurant looked like a ballroom as they walked inside, and each table had its cubic seating area. This was a frequent place for him to conduct his business lunches.
The staff there recognised Yang Tian-Xu as he often came for business discussions. The crew showed them to his most frequented table. Tong Yue-Yan and Yang Tian-Xu looked good together as they walked towards the arranged table, sitting across from each other, face to face. The other staff member would often whisper about them behind their backs as they recognised the beauty to be the heir to the Tong Family’s fortune.
Yang Tian-Xu was a tall, handsome man, who was over six feet tall. Perhaps six-foot-two or six-foot-three and Tong Yue-Yan had a height of five-foot-ten: tall enough to be a model, she had the looks and height to become one. However, with her family background, she had no desire to be a mere model. With the jealousy of many female staff, Tong Yue-Yan felt like she had it all. She had excellent table manners, once the crews gave them a menu and served them water, she didn’t forget to thank them politely.
Tong Yue-Yan studied history and was a fan of Ancient Chinese history. She knew well of the Yang Family’s heroic tales and admired them for it. Throughout the wait for their meals, she would tell him, just how fascinated she was about his family’s history. Yang Tian-Xu heard his family tales from his father and grandfather many times before. It’s not a surprise for him—he did not mind her talk about his family history. Nevertheless, he had no interest in it.
They ordered a western meal. Tong Yue-Yan had ordered a chicken salad, and he ordered the house pasta special. She would ask him questions about his life, and he would answer. Other than that, he seemed unwilling to engage in their conversation. Finally, the meals have arrived, and they would both eat their meals quietly.
During the entire meal, Yang Tian-Xu would often pull out his phone and text his assistant, Tseng Kuan-yin. He would ask about the interviews and demands he reported the current situations to him.
Tong Yue-Yan wasn’t so happy about his scant attention towards her, but still, she endured it and was just satisfied to be enjoying a meal together. She takes her time slowly as Yang Tian-Xu had already finished his meal by the time the clock hit 2:45 p.m.
Assistant Tseng jokily texts him, “How’s the future Mrs Yang?”
Yang Tian-Xu made it obvious in his replies, with no intention of marrying Tong Yue-Yan, his eyebrows frowned as he texts back, “What future Mrs Yang?” Assistant Tseng understood him well, so he stopped with his jokes, Yang Tian-Xu was a workaholic and only wanted to know about the current situation at the company.
“Stop joking around. How’s this year interns looking? Any talents?” he quickly messaged back and enquired about the interviews.
Assistant Tseng text back, “Everything is doing great, boss. No need to worry, I can handle it, and I will keep you updated.”
Yang Tian-Xu never worried about his assistant’s work, he knew the guy was competent. It’s just that he felt a little bored. How long does it take someone to finish a salad? As Tong Yue-Yan took her sweet time with her meal, Yang Tian-Xu didn’t bother to rush her, he sat there quietly as he reads over the latest news in the business industry. Occasionally, he would pretend like he was having lunch with her, and let out a small gentle smile. He wondered about the girl again. Where are you? If only you were here.
A bright, beautiful Friday afternoon, the girl, with long shiny light-black hair, with light-brown eyes almost as if they were hazel. She appeared at Yang Corps’ front entrance. With her name displayed on the visitor tag as Wang Yi-An. Comparing her and Tong Yue-Yan, she wasn’t as pretty. However, she was the same girl that Yang Tian-Xu couldn’t stop thinking about. Ever since the first day he met her. It was unfortunate that Yang Tian-Xu wasn’t able to attend today’s group of interviews, a missed opportunity for the both was like a cruel joke from the heavens.
Each year, the company would open opportunities to search for young talents to work for them. Yang Corps was one of the many big companies that does so. However, their internship program was hard to get in. Only a few got accepted each year. After the interns completed the program; it almost guaranteed them a job from Yang Corps. As a Yang Corps intern, it entitles them to great benefits and opportunities. However, all the interns’ entitlement was incomparable to a real Full-Time employee.
The most important one for Wang Yi-An was the Educational Assistant program. The educational Assistant program was an exclusive benefit for their employees; Yang Corps would pay 100% of the employee’s tuition fee, and book fees, supplies, equipment, etc. There was also a wage while you were in school! Yang Corps would pay an hourly wage for their employees to go to school, what other companies would do this? Only a big company like Yang Corps could afford it.
Wang Yi-An didn’t had enough credentials to apply directly to Yang Corps employment. However, she had enough to apply for the internship program. If she got accepted, it would become the ticket to her better future. Desperate for the internship, Wang Yi-An hoped she could try her hardest with the opportunity given to her; the best she could as she worked towards success.
Wang Yi-An was working a part-time job at night, as she studied during the day. She lived a hard, strenuous life, but she still tried the hardest she can so that one day she could had the credentials to apply for the internship, and once she did, Wang Yi-An applied as soon as possible.
The Yang Corps internship program was three months long. Afterwards, Yang Corps would inform their interns with a letter of offer. Unless the student rejects it, or that the student had not reached their expectations during the three months; a rare case.
Anticipation kept Wang Yi-An nervous all week long since she first got the call to come in for the interview last Monday. She fidgets around with her small fingers, as she remains seated, quietly in the waiting room, along with twenty others. She had her eyes closed for a moment, so she could relax and calm herself down from the anxiety.
Wang Yi-An took a deep breath, each interviewee takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete their interview process. Wang Yi-An arrived an hour before her scheduled time. They scheduled her interview at 2:30 p.m., but she arrived before 1:30 p.m.
Once the clock reaches 2:30 p.m., a female employee of the faculty called out her name, “Wang Yi-An!”
“Here!” she answered as she got up from her seat and walked over to the female staff.
“Your interview is in room two,” she said after informing Wang Yi-An the details, she showed her the directions to room two, and she smiled
“Good luck.”
As the door opened for Wang Yi-An, she heard voices from a distant coming from inside the room as she entered. Assistant Tseng shout out “Next please!”, The door opened as the previous interviewee walked out. Wang Yi-An walked in right after, with a bright smile on her face. She wasn’t nervous anymore, she was just as excited as she was from the night before this interview. Working for the Yang Corporation was a big dream of hers, and with this interview, she would pave a path filled with hope for her and her family.
“Hello, my name is Wang Yi-An, many people call me Xiao-An or An-An. It’s a pleasure to meet with everyone!” she said in an excited voice, as she lowered her head to greet them.
Three hiring managers, with Assistant Tseng Kuan-Yin in the middle. He had taken President Yang’s spot in today’s interviews. It wasn’t rare for Yang Corps’ president to do personal interviews. It often happens when the positions of the interns were essential for the company’s development. Yang Tian-Xu would personally attend. However, today he couldn’t make it, he was busy having a meal with Tong Yue-Yan.
The three hiring manager nodded their heads, and the hiring manager on the right side speak up. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too, please take a seat.”
As she sat down, she smiled at them. The first person to ask questions regarding her credentials was the manager on the right. He did most of the talking. Wang Yi-An had the credentials to become their intern. She took an Art program for two years, along with some managing courses. Wang Yi-An’s dream was to become an Art Director; working for Yang Corps, Art Directors were responsible for developing promotions, commercials, and other events hosted by the company. Yang Corps offered the highest salary for the occupation, with plenty of hours, she looked forward to it. The entire interview went well, and she was confident in her arts because she had already submitted her portfolio, it was the reason they selected her for the interview. Even though they already saw her artwork and knew her abilities, they needed to know more about her, like her personalities or other talents, they still need to ask her some questions such as, “Why have you picked Yang Corps for your internship? There were many options.”
“Yang Corps has the best benefits,” She replied honestly.
“You know Pan Holding’s Inc has good benefits too,” said the manager on the left. Wang Yi-An didn’t think before she said, “But I like Yang Corps better.”
They smiled, and Assistant Tseng asked, “Why do you like Yang Corps better?”
“Because Yang Corps cares deeply for their employees.” This fact was that Yang Corps featured in an Employer of the year magazine. It highlighted them, and at the top 10 listed companies selected by employees in City Y, Yang Corps topped the list in first place. All the employees were proud to be part of Yang Corps compared to the other nine companies. In fifth place was Pan Holding Incorporated, although they had a higher paying salary than Yang Corps, and the other companies, their treatment for employees were not as good and fair.
Pan Holding Incorporated was a company of competition among each other. Where, if their monthly report wasn’t as good, they would most likely be fired and replaced by a more capable employee. However, if the employees make lots of money for the company, they would receive better treatment, bonus and extra earnings. Most competitive people would prefer to work in that environment. However, Wang Yi-An was not a competitive person. She honestly told them, “Pan Holding Inc was a little too competitive for me, I don’t think I can fit in with them, but I am sure that Yang Corps would be the better choice for me.”
The three of them agreed with her analysis. After they heard her reasons for picking Yang Corps over the other companies, they asked her one last question. “Why should we pick you, compared to all the other applicants we have today?”
“Because I have a unique talent,” she said with pride in her voice.
“What talent would that be?” he asked, as it raised his curiosity. He looked at the copies of Wang Yi-An’s portfolio and noticed nothing much.
“I have a photographic memory, and I can draw at an immersive fast speed she said with a smile.
This amazed him, how could anyone claimed to have two talents so rare. “Really?” he seems to be a disbeliever as he asked her. “Can you prove it?”
“Of course I can.” She said as she smiled brightly.
Because of her confident, Assistant Tseng wanted to test her. “Okay, I will show you two photos,” and he did, flashing the photos to her, fast, one after the other. “Now tell me the details of both, in the same order I showed you.” He places the two photos down backwards, hiding them from view. The other two managers thought he didn’t show her the images long enough.
“Wasn’t that too fast?” said the manager on the left, she was the only female manager on the panel, she didn’t like how Assistant Tseng treated her, he only flashed her those photos for two seconds, who would remember all those details?
“Hey, she said she has a photographic memory.”
“Maybe she meant she has a good memory.” They wanted to give the girl a more reasonable chance, showing her two pictures in less than a minute, seems to be cruel.
“Show her the pictures longer just to be fair.”
Assistant Tseng exchanged messages with President Yang at 2:45 p.m. He looked at Wang Yi-An as he typed, “Okay since she is young I might as well…”
“There’s no need.” She said as she interrupted him, and said, “Instead of going over the details in speech, would you like me to redraw it out?”
The three managers exchanged looks, they thought, Can she really do that? Is it even possible? and so they watched her took out a sketchbook from her mini-backpack. She drew them out, and sure enough, she took 15 minutes to draw out two pictures.
Amazed, the three of them became speechless, they saw how fast she could sketch out two images, as soon as she completed the sketch, she walked over and placed them both on the table. Assistant Tseng flipped over the two pictures he showed her and compared them with Wang Yi-An’s rough sketch.
They were surprised, they looked (pretty much) identical, the pictures detailed and the colours all matched the originals, even for a rough sketch it was well done. “Wow, you sure are amazingly talented Miss Wang.”
“Thank you!” she kept her smile at them, and put her sketchbook away in her small backpack, along with her colours markers and supplies she had used.
“Well, with a talent like that I want to hire you right away!” Assistant Tseng still couldn’t believe his eyes. He started at the two drawings and compared them to the originals. Almost on point—every detail he reviewed side by side. “Well then, can you start work next week?”
“Already? I thought the internship starts in two weeks from now?” The sudden impulses surprised Wang Yi-An.
Assistant Tseng laughed, “Oh, right. I almost forgot.” He was amazed, he had forgotten that! Wang Yi-An’s talents amazed him so much he almost forgotten about the interview was only an interview for the internship. “Then you can start your internship in two weeks; you may go home and wait for your acceptance letter by email.” Assistant Tseng’s decision had surprised the other two managers.
The entire interview wasn’t finish yet, and he had already decided on Wang Yi-An as one of the selected interns. No one would show their disapproval in front of him, and Wang Yi-An was indeed talented.
Wang Yi-An was glad to hear the news, she stood up to lowered her head for a slight bow. “Thank you!” and she left the room.
One of the managers on the panel asked, “Mr Tseng, isn’t it too soon? We haven’t finished interviewing all the other students yet.”
“Would it be necessary to wait on someone as talented as her? Her photographic memory is a rare talent! Don’t worry about President Yang. I will inform him about my decision.” Assistant Tseng made his intention to hire Wang Yi-An clear; the other two wouldn’t question him anymore. Assistant Tseng position in the company was almost like he was a vice-president. Even their current Vice-President, Ma Wei wouldn’t have as much authority as Assistant Tseng—who worked directly for President Yang.
Soon enough, Assistant Tseng quickly sent a message to his boss, Yang Tian-Xu. He had to tell President Yang the excellent news, photographic memory was rare, and she can draw so fast, he had to notify to President Yang:
‘Boss, you would be so surprised about this student I recently interviewed…’