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Chapter 2

Chapter 2
How I dream of you

Cheung Lan-Er—known by many as Mrs Yang. She was in her late 40s, however, she still looked young and had taken care of her beauty well. She asked him, “You remembered Yue-Yan right?” as she placed her hands on the girl’s shoulder. Mrs Yang smiled at the girl next to her as she continued, “Yue-Yan arrived from City A today, and dropped by to give us a visit.” Tong Yue-Yan smiled at him and gave a slight nod as a greeting.
He slightly nodded back at her, and his mother caught his father by surprised as she blames her husband, “This is all your father’s fault! Yang Fei-Hung!”
Mr Yang choked on the tea he took a sip of—coughing as he put the cup down on their maple coffee table, he asked, “Why is it my fault?”
“Yes, it’s your fault, you let my poor Tian-Xu work late every night! If you have been the President instead, our Tian-Xu would have opportunities to find himself a lovely girlfriend and get married by now, the reason he’s still single is all because of you.”
“But! Honey, if I took the job as president, I won’t be able to spend as much time with you!” Mr Yang acted like he was a child—almost married for 30 years made him unwilling to separate from his wife.
“You are not as important as our Tian-Xu,” she said as she turned her sight to Tong Yue-Yan, “Don’t you agree with me, Yue-Yan?”
Tong Yue-Yan understood what Mrs Yang was hinting at—when Mrs Yang complained to her husband in front of her. “You should come help at the company sometimes so that our Tian-Xu can spend more time with his personal life. Right? Yue-Yan?” Mrs Yang intentions were obvious, she wanted to play matchmaker.
Tong Yue-Yan sat next to Mrs Yang, and she was blushing a little as she nodded in agreement, she had a lovely gentle voice, “Yes, it is imperative not to overwork yourself.”
“Definitely!” said Mrs Yang, as his mother: she often worried about Tian-Xu. “I’ll be glad and content if he married someone who is not only smart, beautiful, and understanding. Like you—Yue-Yan.”
Tong Yue-Yan blushed redder when Yang Tian-Xu’s mother complimented her.
“Honey, you will embarrass the kids.” Mr Yang looked at the embarrassed Tong Yue-Yan as he apologised on behalf of his wife for attempting to match-make the two, “I’m sorry, she always liked you to be our daughter-in-law.”
Tong Yue-Yan face grew hotter as she heard Mr Yang said those words. She was glad that both his parents seem to like her. She remembered back to when she first met him. It was her ninth birthday, and they came all the way to City A to help celebrate her birthday. Yang Tian-Xu had given her a music box—which she still kept to this day.
“Now look at who’s embarrassing whom. You’re making Yue-Yan’s face all red.” She said as they teased her about her being their future daughter-in-law.
Yang Tian-Xu remained calm. He said in a steady voice, “Mother, father—you two shouldn’t have to worry too much, I have my plans for the future, so please stop teasing and embarrassing Miss Tong. Excused them, Miss Tong, for the trouble they bring you, they always liked to joke around.” He said politely.
“It’s… It’s okay…” It was a little shocking for her to hear him apologise. She was Tong Yue-Yan, who wouldn’t want to marry her? She was pretty—had a compelling family background, and she graduated at the top of her class. Yet, everything does not seem to affect him, he was unmoved by her accomplishments.
Perhaps because Yang Tian-Xu was also an accomplished man with a strong background and education, he and Tong Yue-Yan would be a perfect match in the eyes of many. Many men in the world, none who wouldn’t be interested in her, Tong Yue-Yan: she only had eyes for him, Yang Tian-Xu.
Tong Yue-Yan looked beautiful, sweet, and sitting like a proper lady, wearing a beautiful spring blue dress. Her hair tied up to the side, with beautiful, perfect curls. She dolled herself for him, yet his eyes seem uninterested, the only response she received from him was a simple greeting.
“Tian-Xu,” His mother called his name, again. “You should show Yue-Yan around tomorrow, she hasn’t visit City Y in a long time, our City Y differs greatly compared to City A, give her a fine tour.”
“I’m sorry, but I have other plans tomorrow. I have to be at the company. There is the internship interview I have to attend.” It was clear he prefers working instead of keeping a some-random rich girl company.
“Let Assistant Tseng handle the interviews, take the day off and show Yue-Yan around, it is rare for her to be in City Y.” His mother demands him to take her out, and not giving him much of an option to opt-out.
Tong Yue-Yan sat there unable to believe his mother had to force him to take her out. How could she let her pride take it? She spoke up, “Mrs Yang, it’s okay if he is too busy, we can reschedule for another day.”
“Oh please,” she said, as she grabbed her hands gently. “Call me Auntie. Don’t you worry, he needed time off from the company anyway, right Tian-Xu?” She glared at him, giving him no choice but to say. “Yes, mother. I shall come to pick Miss Tong up tomorrow and show her around the city.”
Tong Yue-Yan stood up and gave a polite bow to him as she said, “Then, I will be in your guidance tomorrow?” She looked up at the antique clock that hangs in the living room and realised it was already 7:00 p.m. “It’s getting late, I should return home.”
“Oh! Tian-Xu, why don’t you take Yue-Yan home?” said Mrs Yang, smiling at him.
Yang Tian-Xu knew her mother’s intention was to have him spend more time with Tong Yue-Yan. Even though he finds it a little annoying, he stills obey his mother’s commands. His mother hopes that their relationships could improve into something more than just friends.
“Yes, mother.” He replied, thinking of how short it would be to take her home, he couldn’t care less about it if it makes his mother happy.
“Oh no, it’s okay, President Yang just got home. I wouldn’t want to bother him so much. I have my driver waiting outside.”
“Oh please, both of you should stop being so polite to each other, Tian-Xu was only three years older than you. You can call him by his first name.” Then she turned to look at her son, “You too Tian-Xu, stop being so polite and treat each other friendlier.”
“Yes, mother.” Tian-Xu obediently replied. “Yue-Yan, shall I see you to your car then?”
“Oh, yes… Thank you.” She lowers her head as she hides her embarrassed face away from them, she gave a slight bow as he walked to the front door, he opened it for her, and then they walked out together.
When the door closed, Mrs Yang smiled at Mr Yang and said, “Aren’t they such a cute couple?” and Mr Yang would smile back at his wife and said, “Yes they are, in the future we’ll have the cutest grandchildren.”

Outside in the courtyard, they walked over to her car, parked at a pleasant two-minute walk away. The driver sat there waiting with patience. While Tong Yue-Yan takes her time, strolling with him slowly, in hoped to spend more time with him. Like a lady as she walked with Yang Tian-Xu beside her, she thought about how handsome he looked, while she sometimes glanced a peek at him now and then, her heart was racing at his presence.
Utter calmness, unlike the girl beside him. He never turns her way (not even once) and only walked beside her because he couldn’t be improper and walk ahead of her.
In his mind, he thought, “Man, can’t this girl walk any faster?”
He wasn’t dense, he knew what his parents wanted, especially his mother—for a chance for them to get close to each other and perhaps start a political marriage.
However, towards Tong Yue-Yan—he harbours no emotions for her—to him she was just a random-rich girl his mother wanted him to marry. Tong Yue-Yan might be beautiful, smart, and elegant. But, she doesn’t give him that my heart just skip a beat moment.
Again, he thought about her. The one stranger who made his heart skipped a beat.
“Um, thank you for walking me to my car.” Tong Yue-Yan said politely, as she smiled at him, she gave off a princess-like aura around her.
Yang Tian-Xu snapped back to reality and said, “It’s okay, there’s no need for the formalities. Shall I come by to pick you up? What time would it be more convenient for you?” he asked, the tone of his voice makes it sounds more like a business transaction than a date.
“Would 10:00 a.m. be okay? I have a lot of places I would like to see,” she said trying to make excuses to see him earlier.
“Sure, I will meet with you then, I hope you have a safe trip home.” He said as he watched her boarding inside her car from the back seat and like an exact way a gentleman should behave, he closed the door for her. He raised a hand up, gesturing a wave to see her drove off by the driver.

The moment he walked back in the front door, his parents stared at him. He could tell just from their looks what they wanted. “I will come to pick Miss Tong at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow now, I hope you’re satisfied. Now please excuse me, I would need to finish up more work tonight, so I can free my schedule for tomorrow.” He said as he walked up the stairs.
His parents looked at each other and thought—did they pair them up? Or was it unsuccessful? From the tone of his voice. He made it sound like a business report.

Yang Tian-Xu returned to his bedroom, well organised, clean, and being a precious child from an influential family, he need not clean anything. He took off his necktie, and threw them on his bed, and laid down for a moment. Before he bounced on to his computer desk, he sat down and turn on his laptop. He got documents after documents to look at and read through them. Then he gave his assistant a call ordering him, “Take over the interns interview tomorrow I have other business to attend.”
His assistant agreed, “Okay boss!” and hung up the call.
Yang Tian-Xu’s room was quiet, the only sounds he made was coming from his keyboard, typing out contracts, business plans, and future meetings proposals with other companies. In five hours, he completed everything he needed for work tomorrow. The time display on the clock was 12:20 a.m. Tired from the non-stop action, he got ready for bed.
He headed toward the shower and unbuttoned his shirts. Removing his clothing one by one, revealing his strong fit body, attractive, not a single tiny scar on him. A man with a perfect body, a perfect face, and the ideal family background.
After he came out from the shower, he dried his hair on a towel. He jumped onto the bed and fell fast asleep by 1:00 a.m.
That night, he had a dream: it’s been a while since he dreamt about anything. Despite that, inside his dream, she was in it. The girl with that sweet smile as she patted the dog’s head, that cheerful girl who helped an old lady pushed a cart up a steep road. Even if her hands became dirty, she didn’t seem to care.
In the dream he saw her smile, smiling at him. It was a realistic and vivid dream. Almost like he could touch her, hold her, and kiss her.
Kiss her?
As he moved in closer, with his lips only inches away from touching hers. The alarmed clock rang, it was probably the most annoying sound he had ever heard, as he opened his eyes. The first time he had woken up later than usual. On a regular day, his usual routine includes waking up at 6:00 a.m. before the alarm rang, he would go out for a good morning jog. However, the clock rang at 8:30 a.m., he had no time to enjoy a run and rush to the shower, washing off his night sweat.
He dressed up like he would for work, just like he would attend a business meeting. Proper—in a blue suit that matches his body and skin tone.

It was already 9:15 a.m. when he left home. His parents were more excited than he was—they reminded him to be sure to treat her for brunch and so on. Yang Tian-Xu was always obedient, even though he felt like it was more of a business meeting than a romantic relationship, he still shows up on time at 9:55 a.m.
The Tong Family had a small villa in City Y. Their villa had a beautiful garden, in which Tong Yue-Yan’s aunt had maintained. She took care of the businesses the Tong Family had in City Y while her brother; Tong Yue-Yan’s father would take care of activities in City A.
By the time he rang the doorbell, she was ready. He said his greetings to Tong Yue-Yan’s aunt when she opened the door to greet him. As he waited by the front door, by 10:00 a.m. sharp, she ascended down from the stairs and saw him by the door holding a beautiful bouquet of red roses in his hands.
His mother got the roses for him to give them to Tong Yue-Yan, hoping he would treat this as a date. However, he quickly clarified it to Tong Yue-Yan. “These are from my mother. She wanted to make sure you receive them.”
She wasn’t sure if she should laugh or cry. “Thanks…” She took the bouquet out of his hands and gave them to her aunt, “Can you please put these in a vase for me. Thank you, auntie.”
Then she turned to him and said, “Shall we go?” He nodded, and they walked out to his car. While they were walking, it was quiet. Just like how it was last night when he walked her to her car. This time, perhaps she could spend more time with him? She was excited and extremely happy.
He opened the passenger’s door to let her in, and he closed it once she got inside. He went to the driver’s seat and started the engine without saying much.
It was like an awkward silence: she knew he had no feeling for her. Despite that, she doesn’t want him to hate her. She wanted him to like her too. However, because of her shy personality. She could only make more small talk. “It’s a beautiful day today, is it not?”
“Yes, it is.” his simple three-sentence reply to her before going silent again.
She wanted to ask him, ‘Is it that bad for you to spend the day with me?’ But it wasn’t possible for her to say it. Tong Yue-Yan tried to be as ladylike as possible. The way she walks, the way she smiles as he showed her around town. City Y was a big city, lots of beautiful sightings and locations. He asked if she had any special request, and places she would like to visit and then he would fulfil them.
She would name a few places, and he would keep her company; however, it all seems to her like he was treating her like a tourist, or a guest he must keep company. She asked him, “What about you? Is there a special location you like to visit?”
Just as she asked him, he thought about that coffee place where he had met her. He smiled to himself and said, “Yeah, I know a great coffee place I would like to visit.”
He parked his car at the same place he parked last time. The two went together for a short walk to the coffee place he mentioned. They took an 18 minutes drive by car to reach the park-aid near the coffee place, then another two minutes walk to get to the area. They arrived and ordered two coffees. He paid in cash, they sat down at the same seat he was in last time and waited. Once the coffees came, a quick service he enjoyed here and they sat there while he enjoyed the silence atmosphere.
Tong Yue-Yan prefers tea over coffee, but she still agreed with Yang Tian-Xu, as she wanted him to acknowledge her. She watched him as he looked out the window. Her curiosity made her stared outside the window, yet not noticing anything unusual or entertaining about the busy street, she wondered about what made him fixate his gaze upon.
“What is so interesting outside?” She thought, as she kept looking at him, unnoticed.
It was around 12:00 p.m. The time for lunch, the street outside was busy with nearby office towers, people were at lunch. Even his employees were just out on their lunch break. There was also a University nearby. Yang Tian-Xu wondered, maybe she was a University student instead? He can’t remember any high school nearby. He recalled she was young looking like she was 16 or 17 years old. Praying that her age would be older than her looks. If she were 23, it would be the perfect age for him.
A four years age difference should be his limit. On October 31st, Yang Tian-Xu would celebrate his 27th birthday. He doesn’t know how he could take it. Perhaps he would allow a seven years difference? No, eight years? No, he’ll make it ten. Ten years was the max he could tolerate their age difference.
Yang Tian-Xu kept wondering as he continued staring out the window. Then he thought—Wait, what if she was older than him? His mind was in a constant train of thoughts about her age. In silent—he kept wondering, “Will she come again today? Would I ever meet her again? Damn it all! Where are you?”
With Yang Tian-Xu looking out the window in silence, Tong Yue-Yan just stared outside with him. She was unsure about what he was looking at, and hope that she could see what he sees. But in her mind, she thought if she was that boring he had to entertain himself this way.
Yang Tian-Xu looked left and right outside, only the same homeless man still sitting in the same place, begging for a kind heart to give him something to eat, but her? No sight of her, he couldn’t forget about her, the one who appeared in his dream last night.
The more Tong Yue-Yan speaks—the more Yang Tian-Xu just nodded as he paid his attention to the outside and not on her. She wasn’t stupid, if anyone else does this to her—she would have thrown the drink in her hand in their faces and storm out. Also, no one had ever treated her this way before. His cold attitude towards her was something his mother had warned her about last night before Tian-Xu came home, she prepared herself for this.